Affiliate Blogger Pro review 2018-Scam or Legit?

In this article we are going to be going over Affiliate Blogger Pro and we will decide if this program is a scam or if its legit. This is one program that seems pretty cheap but is it still worth it? We will find out the truth and ill also show you my number 1 recommendation!

Product: Affiliate Blogger Pro

Owner: Rosalind Gardner

Established: 2010

Cost: 27 a month

Rate: 3/5 stars

What is Affiliate Blogger Pro?

Its good to know all about the program you may want to join, you want to pick the right one that will give you everything you need to build your own online business. Affiliate Blogger Pro is another affiliate marketing program that offers training and tools so you can build your own online business.

This program was developed by Rosalind Gardner, she likes to call herself a super affiliate but im not sure if I would give her that title. Rosalind has published a few handbooks back in 2003 so those are a little outdated. This program is mostly for people starting out with affiliate marketing, if you are already skilled then I don’t think this program will help you out that much.

One bad thing I don’t like about this program is that there is no website hosting, its rare to find website hosting included but luckily the program I recommend has it included. Affiliate Blogger Pro training platform offers a 10 module course which has video training.

This training I do believe does not have good direction so you could get lost if you are a newbie. Affiliate Blogger Pro does have a Facebook group you could use if you need help but you are never guaranteed help there. I will be going over the training part of this program down below, also don’t forget to check out my number 1 recommendation.



Click here for my #1 recommendation!


The training

There is a 10 training module course but the problem I have figured out is that the training is way out dated. There has not been any updates to the training and the training shows you how to use WordPress and they update every month or 2. I will list everything that this program offers down below.

EXPERT Coaching.

Course Overview of the business-building process.

10 Module Training Program to facilitate step-by-step learning.

225+ Tutorials containing practical tips and real-life examples of WORKING affiliate sites.

Printable Lessons

190+ Videos so you SEE how everything works!

24/7 Access to all course materials so you can learn when it suits you.

Quizzes to test your knowledge at the end of training modules.

Tutorial & Video Updates as required

Member Site Profiles. See what other community members are doing with their blogs.

Newsletter & Blog for industry news and member updates.

Website Reviews – I and your fellow students will review your site and make recommendations for improvement. (Value – I charge my clients a minimum of $499 for a website consultation).

SUPERIOR Personal Support. Have questions? You’ll get answers from Rosalind, other Super Affiliate experts and your fellow students.

Technical Support – The Affiliate Blogger PRO technical support team is just an email away.

So there is a ton of training but there are a few things missing that Wealthy Affiliate has included, which is the program I am a part of. Wealthy Affiliate has a keyword research tool, website hosting, and domain hosting included.

Click here for my #1 recommendation!

How much?

Even though the price may not seem to bad because its not you will want to think about how much you will have to pay for website hosting, keyword research tool, and to get your domain because all of this is not included. The monthly price is 27 dollars, you can give this program a shot or my recommended option which I stand behind 100%. You will also have to purchase Affiliate Blogger Pro on Click Bank, I will have a link if you want to check it out.

I will also have a compare chart below that will compare this program with Wealthy Affiliate that I am a part of and you will be able to join by clicking on the link. You can also try Wealthy Affiliate out for free to see if this is what you want to do before you upgrade to premium for 49 a month. There is also a Sitecomments tab where you can request comments from other members and you can leave comments as well, this will help with your engagement and help you rank higher in search engines.

You will also get a couple of bonuses for joining, you will get a discount for your first month for only 19 dollars! You will also get me as a mentor to help you with anything you may need help with. If you want to learn more about WA then you can click on my review link which will be my #1 recommendation.


Final thoughts

I do think this is a legit program with a decent price but with it not having website hosting and all the extra stuff you need to start your online business that is a problem. Also with the outdated training it could be hard to follow along when things may look different or have new features.

I do recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate for free and giving that program a try, you will get a couple of bonuses and have everything included even website hosting up to 50 websites. That is a really good price and there are constant updates to the platform to make it even better. So check out the chart and also read my review on WA and I hope to see all of you there and lets succeed together!

Please feel free to ask any questions and leave any comments I will get back to you as soon as I can. Also please share on all social media to spread the word, everyone should get into creating their own online business! I will talk to you guys in my next article, there will also be new videos coming out on my YouTube channel!





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51 thoughts on “Affiliate Blogger Pro review 2018-Scam or Legit?”

  1. It’s all about how you play it out. It is intelligent to start with site-rubrix and once you’ve got everything settled, then change to WA with your own everything. It is a total win win. I think it’s all about managing it correctly with wisdom in each decision one makes. I have done this and it truly works. I say people have to quit being chicken and take a risk.

  2. Interesting review. Thank you for sharing this information. I hadn’t heard about this program. I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, 6 Figure Mentors, Digital Altitude and a few more, but not the one here. Thanks for sharing the information with me so I can be more information about another option in the industry.

    1. No problem, the only program you need to be a member of is wealthy affiliate.  This program has everything you need and for very cheap!

  3. Great review. Compared to Wealthy Affiliate though, this opportunity does not seem as promising. If I had to choose between the two It is clear which is the better route.

    I am glad to see that Affiliate Blogger is not a scam though, which is a nice change of pace on the online world.

    I may give them a look if I ever have some time available.

  4. Helpful review!

    I like the comparison chart you made. It really makes it simple to see where Affiliate blogger pro might be lacking compared to wealthy affiliate.

    You said the course is more for people that are just starting with affiliate marketing. At what point would you say someone would have too much experience for the course not to be helpful anymore?

    Thanks for reviewing this program.

    1. Well it only gives you the basics really and the training is way out dated, there is so much more to affiliate marketing and so many ways you can profit online.  Thats why i stand behind WA all the way if people wants to get into this type of business.

  5. So, this affiliate blogger pro is a good program, right? Good program for a beginner. So, I think I’m can get started with this program. The price is reasonable but is there has some kind of cancellation if I don’t really satisfy with this program? If they have free cancellation, it’s a perfect program for me as a beginner to start making money online 🙂

    1. But like I also stated in the review that there is no updated training. So all the training is older and between that program and wearily affiliate I would choose wealthy affiliate every day of the week.

  6. Great post and very good information.

    The fact that a keyword tool and domain hosting isn’t included in Affiliate Blogger, makes that I don’t want to try it.

    Like you, I’m using Wealthy Affiliate quite a time and it is a very good one, and everything is included.

    I’m using it for my both sites and for me there isn’t a better one.

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Yeah i love everything in Wealthy Affiliate and the monthly payment isnt to much.  I want to start up my second site gain i just need to make sure i will have the time to keep publishing on both sites.

  7. I have joined with Wealthy Affiliate, and don’t know about the others. However, the training in this program is fantastic, not to mention the community here, I’ve been able to ask a question any time of the day so far, and I get an answer straight away. I’ve only been in the program for a month, and can’t wait to progress further, as I’ve achieved so much alredy! I certainly recommend!

    1. Yeah i recommend Wealthy Affiliate over any other program, i have never discovered a online program that offers this much.

  8. Affiliate Blogger Pro does not seem to offer much when it is compared to Wealthy Affiliate.

    However, not every program needs to offer as much as Wealthy Affiliate to provide value to it’s customers. As long as the product performs as it is promoted then it can be of value.

    From what I can see in your review it is clear that Affiliate Blogger Pro when compared directly to Wealthy Affiliate is sadly lacking in critical areas. Additionally, if you compare only the components which match, in terms of services provided, Wealthy Affiliate stands out as far superior.

    Relevance, continuity and structure are the key platforms which differentiate the two products and it is Wealthy Affiliate which excels in each of these areas, based on your comparison chart.

    Your advice is clear, value for service is of the utmost importance rendering Affiliate Blogger Pro as a product which just does not cut it!

    1. Yes for sure and the good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that they continue to do updates and keep things new.  When this other program stays the same and no new stuff comes out.

  9. So, I didn’t know Rosalind created a new course. I was aware of her old ones, although I hadn’t taken them personally. It seems to be a legit course, but worse compared to Wealthy Affiliate. Do you believe the little extra money for Wealthy Affiliate is worth it? I personally do, being a member there for almost three years. No place like it online!

    1. Yeah for sure because you get so much included, with that program and others you would have to make a lot of separate payments to get all the tools you will need.

  10. i would be interested to know more about the training. Have you been in there and experience it? I wanna know how it is like before signing up. I heard wealthy affiliate has a great education system. If the program run by one person, I have to see whether this person is suitable to be my mentor or not. 

    1. Well given the facts i would say no they shouldnt be your mentor.  It is almost impossible to reach the owner unlike Wealthy Affiliate and the training is out dated and no new training is added.  

  11. In the online world everything keeps changing, so it is vital that a program is kept up-to-date. It doesn’t matter if the price is reasonable, because people who will follow this training are essentially wasting their time…

    What happens is either they give up on online marketing or get lucky and find a better learning platform.

    Thanks for reviewing and getting to the bottom of this!

    1. No problem, Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 platform to learn how to start your own business, i am sticking with them all the way.

  12. Hi Justin.  I must admit I’d never heard of Affiliate blogger pro. I have been searching the net for legitimate online business’s for some time now and have noticed just how difficult it is to find something that suits my every need. I’m not real good at the technical side of putting a website together so I’d need an awful lot of coaching. It sounds like Affiliate pro blogger would not work to well for people like me. The other site you mention, Wealthy affiliate, is the sort of thing I’m after.  Do they help you with all the wordpress issues? What is their support team like? I’m reluctant to pay for some thing until I know it will work. The mere fact that you can join this company for free is a real bonus. Thanks for your revealing review.  Jim 

    1. From what i hear support is not good at all, it is hard to get in contact with the owner so you are pretty much on your ow.  I do not recommend this program.

  13. Hi Justin. 

    Thanks for some very useful information of the affiliate blogger pro programme.  It is not something I was awair of. The lack of real time help with that programme is why I would not join it.  The information has helped me know that I have made the right decision  with where I am today. I joined the Welathy Affiliate programme 3 month ago and it is the best decision I ever made. The training is second to none.  Best of all is the community within  it. They are so helpful 24/7. I will not be going anywhere else and that fantastic article you have written just cleared it up for me. I would recommend anyone thinking about this to follow your advice and Join Wealthy Affiliatete today  

    Good work and best of luck to you


    1. Thanks man, i love Wealthy Affiliate this is the longest i have been in a program for which has been around 10 months now.  I still have a lot more content i need to get out!

  14. Great post! I am glad to hear that this wasn’t another scam. It is quite unusual to find opportunities that are not trying to steal your money from you. I thin the problem you have is that you are with Wealthy Affiliate. WA offers everything you need to start and maintain a successful online business.

    I think that the support from the owners and the community can help you push past the point where most would throw in the towel. That is only the tip of the ice berg as the training is actually very comprehensive and current meaning you have the best chance to achieve success.

    1. Yeah Wealthy Affiliate offers the most value for your investment and you never stop learning and you can build a successful business!

  15. Looking at the comparison chart between Affiliate Blogger Pro and Wealthy Affiliate, it is clearly shown that wealthy affiliate has more benefits over Affiliate Blogger Pro.

    I like a program with web hosting included, so I do not have to worry about where to host my websites. The best part is having all the support at one place.

    For those who are thinking of starting an online business, should consider Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to try 🙂

    1. Yeah of course, i love everything that is included in Wealthy Affiliate, i dont think any programs will be able to compete with them.

  16. Personally I believe that the strongest point of WA is that it offers a free package. This way you can try it without any risk something that most of these affiliate marketing websites don’t do. They ask first money and then you can try them out. People are more wary these days with so many online scams and they are always defensive in these kind of things. WA has got this vibe and is completely open on what it offers. If you don’t like it no problem, you haven’t paid a cent. But once you see what is on offer it is hard to let the opportunity pass by. Thank you for sharing this review.

    1. Yeah of course, but it does bother me when people sees that they have to pay to get all the benefits because then they instantly think its a scam when its not.  You do got to invest into your own business and WA is cheap with everything you get inside.

  17. I personally also prefer using Wealthy Affiliate for my online ventures. It is much easier to pay $49 and get everything you need to run an online business, than having to pay $27 just for some training and coaching leaving still with having to find and pay for a host separately to host your website to make money online. It is just a waste of time and money to have to scout and pay for two or three separate providers online when you can have it all done in one place!

  18. Hello Justin and thanks for the Affiliate Blogger Pro review. 

    I never heard about it, and I guess that there are some other similar online. I, like you, are a member of the Wealthy Affiliate University and feel happy with it.

     Just to be clear about the price, in fact, Wealthy Affiliate monthly member price is even less than Affiliate Blogger Pro. The Black Friday offer is $299 per year, and it is just $25 a month.

    1. Yeah it is 299 per year if you get the black friday deal and i am hoping to get it this year so that would save me money.  Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to start your own online business, the other program does not.

  19. Affiliate Blogger Pro seems to be quite expensive for what you get, especially if the training is outdated. At $27 a month, it’s nearly costs as much as Wealthy Affiliate, yet with Wealthy Affiliate, you get everything you need to set up a business. There’s also the strong community of other Bloggers at WA that the other program doesn’t seem to have. 

    1. Yeah i know and we can host our websites here which is amazing, if you went with the other program you would have to also pay for a website host.

  20. I have never heard of Affiliate Blogger Pro. contrary to the a lot of sad news we hear about online programs, it’s so good to know that this one is not a scam. But why go for a program that will offer you “some” when you can get one that will offer you “all”! Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be! 

    1. Yeah for sure and its a great price to get everything all in one!  I will stay here and never look anywhere else!

  21. Hi Justin,

    I did consider Affiliate Blogger Pro at some point, but lost interest when I noticed they do not offer a free trial.  I prefer to test a product first before I buy.  Your post is really helpful and it seems you have good knowledge about Affiliate Blogger Pro.

    In your opinion if you could choose one feature about Wealthy Affiliate that is a lot better than Affiliate Blogger Pro, what will it be? 

  22. This sounds like an ok training program but not a comprehensive program for building a business. It is nice that this does not sound like a scam however. That is refreshing. If you really want to start a business you need not just a step by step tutorial, but also website hosting, IT support, security for your site, someone to answer your questions and a community for support. Wealthy Affiliate offers ALL of that and more. There is no comparison! I am glad I found Wealthy Affiliate and will never try any more dead end programs. I have finally found the golden ticket to building a business. 

    1. Yeah of course, no other online program will be able to compete against Wealthy Affiliate and everything that is offered there!

  23. There are a lot of platforms out there but not a lot of them are able to deliver a really good service to their members. They do promise a lot before you register in their programs but when you finally do you would realize that it is not what it seemed.

    Most of them don’t give current information and therefore their members won’t be able to know exactly what is working. I don’t recommend such platforms to people. Wealthyaffiliate is an awesome platform that delivers exactly what is promised and I would recommend it for anyone looking to build an online business. 

  24. Hey Justin,

    I’ve heard of Affiliate Blogger Pro a long time ago and man, I completely agree with you that it is a bit too outdated as some of the tips were things that can be quite risky if implemented wrongly today such as back-linking. But i do believe that during her glory days, Rosalind’s program must have been one of the best ones out there. 

    Does she have a platform for website building, or is her program purely a training course?

  25. Thank for sharing this information on Affiliate Blogger Pro. With so many online programs that are promising good results, it could be difficult for beginners to choose which one is best suited for them. Months ago while I was looking at some online platforms to teach and guide me all about affiliate marketing, I ran into  Affiliate Blogger Pro and almost joined but I opted to sign up with another affiliate program.

    Although I was able to put up a website, I ran into some difficulties with the hosting because it turned out that it was not included with the monthly membership fee. It was also difficult to ask for site support whenever I encountered technical difficulties. 

    Looking at your comparison table between Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Blogger Pro, I might consider cancelling my membership with my current affiliate program and transfer them to WA. Do you think I can do this? It’s very hard for me to move forward with my niche website if I have to keep moving it to another hosting platform.

  26. Hi Justin

    Thank you for your article – as a result, I will not look into Affiliate Blogger Pro any further!

    It also was good to see confirmartion that WA is a good program, as that seems to be a common view.

    I am interested in th eunderlying business fundamentals / model of WA, and some realistic expectations regarding earnings, how long it takes to start earning money and…especiallly…how many posts you have to make before you start to earn money.

    I’d appreciate any views you have?



  27. Thanks for sharing your Affiliate Blogger Pro review. This Programme seems to be so legitimate and would be great to some extent but it’s lacking some essential tools and components that would enhance productivity and growth of an online business. It’s Contents could be sort of outdated too. I’ll recommend Wealthy Affiliate too.

    1. Yeah i would stear clear of programs lacking the tools you need to succeed.  I am glad Wealthy Affiliate has it all in one!

  28. So from your review I have seen that Affiliate Blogger Pro is not a scam. That’s good to know anyways became it has been scam and scam Products everywhere all these while.

    Like you said, I don’t think this Programme would be suitable for Experts. Could be suitable only for beginners and he/she would surely outgrown it. But Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone (both beginners and top experts). I love Wealthy Affiliate so much and glad to be part of this awesome Community of like minded individuals.

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