Affiliate Marketing Mastery review 2018- Is it worth it?

Here is another product review for you guys so you can learn a few things before you decide to join a program. this is my Affiliate Marketing Mastery review, ill be going through all the details about the program and if it is worth it. Stay tuned until the end if you would like to check out my #1 recommended affiliate marketing program!


Program: Affiliate Marketing Mastery

owner: Stefan James Pylarinos

Price: one payment of $1997/ 3 payments of $367

My rate: 3 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend? No

See what I recommend below!

What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is another affiliate marketing training program that offers you training and shows you how to grow your online business if you already have one. I will not be biased and I will give all the important details I can about this program and give you my honest opinion.

Remember there are no get-rich-quick programs out there!

I have to state that because people call everything scams if they can’t get rich overnight, growing a business takes time and effort to grow and succeed so you can have a better future. From what I saw this does look like a good program with a lot of information on how to build a successful online business.

There are a lot of different modules within this training, but I do think you will have to grab website hosting somewhere else. That kind of sucks because Wealthy Affiliate offers hosting up to 50 websites plus training and all the tools you need. But this program does look like it offers a lot of value even though it is pretty pricey.

I will also be getting into how much this program is, inside this program you will get step by step video training in affiliate marketing and also picking a niche. Anyone can learn affiliate marketing, this is also beginner friendly so if this is the kind of business you want to build all you have to do is pick the right program that can lead you in the right direction.

You do get a free trial of 4 videos that are about 30 minutes long that will give you an overview of a few different points in building your business. It is good when this kind of programs offers free trials before charging you anything so you know what you are getting into.

What all do you get?

You will get 7 different modules of training, I will go over everything in each module. But first let me say a few things I don’t like besides the price. They don’t host your websites, don’t have a domain platform, and also don’t have a keyword research tool. You need all of these things to be able to grow a successful online business so you will have to pay extra for all of that.

Module 1: Strategy and mindset

You will learn more about the program and how to apply the knowledge you will be learning. You will also learn how to have the right mindset going into this type of business, so you don’t think you are going to succeed overnight because you won’t. You will get 10 success principles on how to have a successful business. There will also be a goal workshop so you can set your own goals and lean how to achieve them.

Module 2: Niche selection

1- Finding profitable niche

2- Finding profitable digital product niches

3- Finding physical product niches

4- Choosing your niche

5- 7 affiliate networks to find products to sell


Module 3: Creating your online brand and presence

1- You’re marketing channel

2- choosing your brand name

3- Setting up your domain name and hosting

4- How to set up your wordpress blog

5- 10 essential wordpress plugins

6- Creating a logo and header image for your brand

7- Woredpress themes and your blog design

8- Introduction to search engine optimization

9- All social media setup


Module 4: Quality content creation

1- Content creation strategies

2- Creating quality content

3- Creating blog articles

4- creating YouTube videos

5- Creating social media content

6- 7 laws of successful content creation


Module 5: Marketing strategies

1- Blog promotion and marketing

2- YouTube promotion and marketing strategies

3- All social media promotion marketing strategies

4- How to build a squeeze page to build an e-mail list

5- Kindle promotion and marketing strategies


Module 6: Earning revenue and monetizing your traffic

  • Before You Begin Monetization:
  • 10 Laws Of Successful Selling & Marketing:
  • Finding Affiliate Programs & Products To Promote
  • Cloaking Your Affiliate Links
  • How To Monetize Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel With Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Monetize Your Social Media With Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Monetize Your E-mail List With Affiliate Marketing

Module 7: Performance and antalytics

  • Why Am I Not Making Money?
  • Setting Up & Analyzing Google Analytics
  • How To Analyze YouTube Analytics
  • How To Analyze E-mail Analytics
  • How To Survey Your Subscribers
  • Split Testing & Optimization
  • 7 Keys To Long-Term Success

Sorry I know all of those points is a lot to read but I wanted to make sure you knew what all was included, now we will be getting into the price.


How much is this program

Well first like I said you can get 4 free videos that kind of explains things, But the program itself is pretty expensive and that is something I really don’t like which is why I gave this program a lower rating, and you also can’t host your site here so you have to pay extra for that.

You can pay a one time payment of $1997 dollars or 3 payments of $767 dollars, but remember you will also have to get your own hosting and your domain as well. You can get all the same training plus hosting and domain hosting within the program that I am a part of! Keep on reading if you want to learn more about my #1 recommendation!


My #1 recommendation!

I am a part of the amazing program called Wealthy Affiliate, they offer step by step video training, live chat, website hosting, domain hosting, keyword research tool, and many more great features. I have been in this program for around 7 months and I have learned so much about making money online and building a website.

You will learn about all the different ways you can make money with a site and how to do SEO so you appear in search engines! I will link my Wealthy Affiliate review down below and a comparison chart that you can join to try out for FREE through. By joining you will get a couple of bonuses, you will get a dang good discount for your first month when you decide to go to premium! You will also get me as a mentor to help you with anything you need help with! This is by far the best program for this kind of high level training that I have found online!

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review by clicking here!

Final thoughts

Affiliate Marketing Mastery does seem like a helpful program to get the training you need but there is just so much missing from it that Wealthy Affiliate has included. The premium price in Wealthy Affiliate is only 49 dollars a month which is a steal for everything you get included. There are so many success stories coming from Wealthy Affiliate and I love it! Affiliate Marketing Mastery is way to expensive, how does anyone have that kind of money to pay unless you already have a good job?

Feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments I will get back to you as soon as I can! Please share this article around to spread the word everyone. I hope you decide to take action today and join the #1 recommended affiliate marketing training platform online!

Click here to join Wealthy affiliate for free!





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23 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Mastery review 2018- Is it worth it?”

  1. Hi there
    OMG this Affiliate Marketing Mastery is expensive $1997 that is much compared to this Wealth Affiliates it is good you wrote this review now I will for sure not go to Affiliate Marketing Mastery but I like this Wealth Affiliates they seem having all the tools you need to start your own business.
    Thank you for your great review.
    Best wishes
    Salomon. A

    1. yeah I dont know how anyone could afford paying that much.  Wealthy affiliate is where it’s at with cost and tools.

  2. Hello there.

    Enjoyed reading your review. It just happens to be that I am a part of Wealthy Affiliate also.

    I do not doubt that this product offers great value but its overpriced in my opinion.

    I do also find Wealthy Affiliate so much better than Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

    All of that + 24/7 support. I am so glad i found Wealthy Affiliate also.

    Love your website.


    1. yeah I already know you are apart of wealthy affiliate.   I wish a lot more people would join, this is the best program out there.

  3. Hi Justin:

    Well, the first thing I saw was the price for Affiliate Marketing Mastery and that really scared me. In my opinion, that’s way too much to charge.

    Two other big negatives: I see there is no site hosting and no keyword research tool. I must say that one of the most important aspects of the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the Jaaxy tool. I don’t know how I’d get along without it!

    From what I see here, Affiliate Marketing Mastery doesn’t give you as much as Wealthy Affiliate. As you recommend, I’m staying with WA!

    Thank you!

  4. Sometimes people think that by paying more money, they will get something better, but that’s not always the case, as you have proven here. Affiliate Marketing Mastery truly is through the roof with the pricing. You would expect that EVERYTHING would be included and I’m very surprised that hosting, domain registration and a keyword tool is missing. If that’s the case and I have to pay extra to get them, then it’s not worth it.

  5. Wow!, hey what a great review. I have looked into this particular Marketing Mastery course but was not sure about it. I am sure glad you really spelled it out for me and I didn’t have to waste any of my money on it. Wealthy affiliates sounds like a great company to work for I will be checking them out very soon.
    Thanks for the help!

    1. Thanks for the comment, this affiliate marketing programs shouldnt be charging an arm and a leg.  That is where Wealthy Affiliate stands out.

  6. Thank you for this review! I see that it is just another inferior product. I was searching for a way to make money quickly but I see that this is not the case.
    I have tried Wealthy Affiliate instead and I can tell that I make money applying the training that I got, but I have to say that the most important thing to make money online is the content. If people like your content you are going to make money, if it is just a topic people can find everywhere on the Internet, then it will be difficult to make money from such posts.

    1. yeah it is impossible to make money quick online. It does take hard work and dedication to succeed. That’s why you shouldn’t give up if you want to succeed.

  7. Stefan James is well known for selling a variety of highly priced digital training product. His Kindle course is much reviewed online and apparently not as impressive as it seems.

    You can read actual customer reviews for his Kindle book on Amazon. The last I check on his affiliate marketing training, it was closed for registration. Is it available now to the public?

    For that kind of price, I wouldn’t go for it. You can get better training elsewhere at 1/3 of the cost and still get results.

    1. Yeah i know, people cant pay them crazy prices.  Wealthy Affiliate is the best deal online and you get so much more then what you pay for.

  8. A great review to decipher the different affiliate marketing programs out there.

    1997$ for a program?!? that’s outrageous. And it doesn’t even come with basics tools for optimizing your site? wealthy affiliate is definitely the better choice if you are out to get into the affiliate business and when they even have a tryout option. How can you say no

    1. Yeah I know. So many of these programs don’t care about helping people to succeed. They just want all of that money.

  9. I think it is worth initiating. I think people don’t pay attention t the future and how working from home can really help you and sustain you with a good income. I think some people only look at the now and don’t think 5 years ahead pertaining what will be effective then. It is truly a blessing to do this now, One has nothing to loose. Besides, you work on your own passion.

    1. Yes but there is a lot of better programs out there like WA that offers website hosting and so much tools that this program does not offer.  Also WA is so much cheaper then this program because you would have to go and pay for your own hosting and all of that too.

  10. Hi Justin,

    Thank you for your review on the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program. The first thing that made me sit up and pay attention was the price! Compared to what you get on the Wealthy Affiliate program this one seemed like a complete rip off! I would never have gotten started in online marketing if that was the initial outlay. 

    It’s a good review and very honest but as you say – if it doesn’t have web hosting or keyword tools like Jaxxy then why would you bother? I think we get very spoilt on Wealthy Affiliated with all they offer their members. Plus the support is awesome! The training is current and relevant. Think I will stick with them too!



    1. Yeah i have not found any other program that can compete with Wealthy Affiliate.  I am here to stay and if i need a break i can take one then come back and put new content out on my site.

  11. Hi there,

    Oh my goodness I had to stop when I have seen the price. This is ridiculous. You can literally take the money and pay someone else to do most of the things on the list and sitll have some money left over haha. Have you ever met anybody who bought it and was happy with it for the price?

    1. Nope, this program is on clickbank and they dont have any good products, everything is expensive or does not worth and even out dated.

  12. Hi Justine,

    First, thank you so much for investing your time to built this article. I cannot disagree with you because Wealthy Affiliate is the best money making online I have ever found!

    How I wished that I bumped to this site before. Perhaps I may not made failures on finding the way on making money online!

    Once again, thank you very much — this article is very educational.

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