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Welcome to my new site, Just getting it started so i need to tell you about myself!  I do have a second site which is my main website, it is check it out if you want.


My name is Justin, i live in a small town and my story is a long and rough one i will try to make it shorter for you guys.  I want you guys which are the viewers to trust me and if you join WA under my link we will be in contact and i will be there to help you with anything you need.  So lets get started, i am 26 years old, that may be young to you but it is old to me because of everything i have been through.  

I have been working at random jobs since i was 16 mainly fast food, but when i turned 20 i started to work in my first actual factory as a temporary.  It wasnt bad at first, i had dreams i still wanted to acheive and full timers there kept telling me to make sure i get out and pursue what i want or i will be stuck.  Well they was right before i knew it i have been there for over 6 years which brings us close to our current date.  About around 3 months ago i made the wise decision to leave that job, i was full time at the time i left.  I was full time for about 5 years and i was making pretty good money.  But i hated seeing people happy doing what they are doing, i wasnt happy i was miserible everyday of them 5 years that i have been full time.

I didnt get treated fairly and was taken advantage of, i had and still have severe depression and i recently got told i had anxiety disorder with panic attacks caused by my job, so i had to leave and start over.  Since i am still fairly young and there are so many oppurtunites out there, i decided to try to find something online that i could make money.  I have dealt with scams and wasted money so many times so i have stopped trying.  Well after i left that job i started to do uber and lyft just so i can make money to pay my bills and fund other projects i want to work on which are my websites.  

I came across WA from some blog and i joined for free and built my own website and was posting content for free to see how it was and if it was right for me.  I am not going to lie i fell in love after 2 days being a member and i saw the real vaule.  To join an affiliate marketing site that offers training and your own websites can cost soo much money, i mean hundreds and hundreds of dollars on upsells. Wealthy Affiliate wasnt like that, i joined for free and went through the first whole lesson for free and had my site up and running, then i upgraded just after 2 days because i saw what all this site brought to me and with all the good training.  It is only 19 dollars for your first month which is a steal and i got to work and now this is my second website up and im working on growing these two sites before i work on anymore for now.


Well ive been in so many bad positions, i started to hate to work for other people and make them money and working like 60 hours a week.  So i want more people to know about WA so we can grow this community, you guys have no idea how many members we have.  The best part is there is a live chat, so you can talk to all of us in chat and ask any questions for help so that shows you how real it is because of how many people are here and have been here for years.

There will be hard work, i wont lie to any of you at all.  Im getting better at all of this and i have learned a lot, this isnt a get rich quick sceme.  This is for you if you are thinking long term and want to build your own online business to make a career for yourself.  That is the most important part, so if you can manage working at your job and spending all your free time doing the training and building your site you will succeed!


My goal is to educate everyone that is interested in how real this is.  You can really become successful at affiliate marketing.   You get the best training that takes you though everything step by step, you wont be sorry for joining.  You will know if this is right for you after you sign up and get started with the free membership and chat to some of us here in the community.  Feel free to check out my articles and hopefully i have convinced you on how real this is.  Please leave any comments you may have or questions, i will answer as soon as i can.

All the best,

Justin Smiddy…

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  1. hello Justin,
    I am stuck on the wrong end of a midlife crisis, divorce, childsupport and family courts which is how i found myself searching the internet looking for a career change. Online marketing appears to be the way of the future if you read between the lines of the market predictions that I have been looking at.

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