Auto Affiliate Program review 2018-Is This Program Worth It?

Hey welcome back, in this article we are going to be deciding if Auto Affiliate Program is a scam or not. Just remember that their is no easy way to make money online and to never trust the get-rich-quick schemes, so I never trust auto programs that are supposed to be done for you to make you money.

Product: Auto Affiliate Program

Founder: Steven Hall


Price: 47/month

Mind Blown Affiliates rate: 1 out of 5 stars

What is the Auto Affiliate Program?

There are a lot of claims the founder of AAP makes some of them include-

1. Money back guarantee

2. Drive traffic automatically

3. Hosts Affiliates website, free of charge

4. Provides you with top-notch promotional website

5. Gives you a weekly ebook & brands them with your affiliate links

Basically you are given an automated site that all other members haves too and their will be a list of ebooks that people can download for free. By having all these people download the ebooks for free they will then be able to click your affiliate links within the ebooks to buy products they are reading about.

Now all the products are through ClickBank and most of us know ClickBank don’t have a lot of good products. Steven Hall claims that it is very easy to get people to download your free ebooks and then you will be able to make passive income for the rest of your life.

DO NOT trust these so called automated done for you programs!

The founder also claims that their are a limited number of spots just so you don’t think about it and join. The rumor is that they don’t accept new members because they can’t afford to pay the members they already have. It also looks like the founder and his team has moved on to the next scheme and they offer it too you as another easy money making program if you are not able to join AAP.

Why would they need another program if this one is supposed to be doing so well and is making people money? There were also reviews that I have found with people claiming they haven’t made anything from the program yet.


Monthly price

The monthly price is 47 dollars a month and I know that may not seem like a lot because its not but you don’t want to be giving your money away if you are not receiving any value. Now stay on my page and keep reading because I will tell you all about my number 1 recommendation on how to start your own online business and their will be no red flags!

I do think it is a rip of for what you get, each member gets a website with the catalog of books and he claims you can get put on the search engines but I don’t know how that’s possible if everyone has the same website. You are not getting any real value for your money, you won’t be learning anything to help you to succeed. You would also be relying on someone else so you can get paid, that’s almost like a regular job.

If you want a real chance to succeed online check out my #1 recommendation!

Is it worth it?

I would say it is not worth it, to many people look for the easy ways to make money. Anyone would pay a small fee if they would keep making money for the rest of their lives but it doesn’t work like that. I would call this program a scam because their are so many red flags and false promises.

Once you learn about the online world you will realize that these automated programs are not worth it. Think about it something may work for one person but that does not mean it will work for you. I have learned so much from the program that I am a part of and I even started writing ebooks. Putting affiliate links in ebooks and giving the ebook away for free is a good idea but you have to do it your own way.

I want to help you to succeed and make sure that you don’t fall for scams!

There is not much good I can say about this program, it is a unique idea but its also a bad one to try. You can’t cheat and find a get-rich-quick scheme because then you are just asking to be scammed and ripped off. If you are still interested in making money online and want some real value check out my number 1 recommendation down below.

My #1 recommendation

My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate all the way, you will get real value from this program. Wealthy Affiliate is only 2 dollars more a month when you go premium and you will get so much, I will list some tools included. You will get website hosting up to 50 websites, domain hosting, step by step training on affiliate marketing, live weekly classes, live chat, keyword research tool, and much more!

I have come across so many scams while looking for the right training to learn how to build my own online business and this is by far the best program that I have found. The owners are really cool and will also help you out too if you need it. I will link my Wealthy Affiliate review down below that you can check out if you want to learn a lot more about WA. I will also link a chart that compares WA with AAP.

You will be able to join WA by clicking on the charts link and take action. By joining today you will get a couple of bonuses, you will be able to join for FREE to try everything out before you make the decision to go premium. Then you will get a discount for your first month so that will make it only 19 dollars! You will also get me as your mentor to help you as much as you need it!

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review by clicking here!

Final thoughts

Auto affiliate program is not worth the money, it may be hard to believe but making money online is not that easy. In order to succeed online you will need to put in the time and hard work. At Wealthy Affiliate you will get so much training that will teach you everything you need to know. You will learn about all the ways you can make money online with a website, their are so many ways to monetize a website.

Feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please share this article on all of your social media to spread the word. I am trying to stop people from wasting money on scams and im giving them a way they can learn how to make money online on their own time.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free click here!






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24 thoughts on “Auto Affiliate Program review 2018-Is This Program Worth It?”

  1. Justin,
    I am very impressed with how you present the Affiliate Marketing Programs here. I have tried all the scams out there way to many of them to name.
    Wealthy Affiliates is the real deal and once I joined I will never turn back.
    What you get for going to the Premium Membership with them cannot compare to anything else out there you would consider getting into that cost even double or triple what it costs here.
    Keep the information coming great reading and learning tool.

    1. Yeah there are so many scams and dishonest programs out there.  I am trying to discredit as many of them as i can.

  2. I don’t get why people are so greedy. I hate the fact that these marketing programs are sucking blood and money from their ignorant victims. Thanks to your article Justin, you just saved another uninformed soul from the bait. I’m just wondering if there’s one appealing reason why one should get into the online business what would that be? I’m really interested in competing in this industry soon.

    1. wealthy affiliate has the best price and you get so much value out of it. A lot more people needs to know about WA so they don’t waste none on these other programs.

  3. I totally agree with the saying that “if it’s too good to be true, then it is”. Affiliate programs that promise you the world by doing it all or mostly for you has to be looked at thoroughly before committing to it. Wealthy Affiliate is the absolute best affiliate training program you can buy.

    1. Yeah of course, i am tired of seeling these done for you programs and people keeps falling for them.  Everyone cant succeed by doing the same thing as others, you gotta be different and do your own thing.

  4. As a WA myself,
    I got to say it truly is mind blowing. When you dedicate time and discipline along with ambition and passion; it truly works. I think people don’t pay attention t the future and how working from home can really help you and sustain you with a good income.

  5. Good afternoon Justin,
    I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far. Your site loaded fairly quick so that’s great! That’s usually my number one comment with sites – taking too long to load.
    There are some punctuation marks in the upper left hand corner that should be removed, and a period in your main menu after ALL ABOUT ME should also be removed. Your Copyright verbiage is incorrect and should include your “Business Name.” Who is reserving the rights? It should read “Mind Blown Affiliate. All Rights Reserved. Rights should be plural because you reserve them all not just one. It would also look more official if you included the Copyright symbol. Just food for thought.

    Your reviews are thorough and your format is appealing to the eye. I like that you have kept it simple with splashes of color here and there. I also like your ad placement, it’s not overwhelming but it’s definitely there.

    You may want to consider placing your privacy policy and disclosure in the footer (that’s where I see most) to take your menu to one line instead of two and I’d consider reorganizing the order of your main menu as well.
    Usually Home comes first as you have it and then order them in order of importance. The About Me section could go either way, I’ve seen it where you have it but more often than not it’s the last item on the menu bar along with contact, etc.

    Overall your site looks great, just clean a few of those things up and great job!

    Lindsey Parkinson

  6. I am starting to catch on to some of these tricksters by reading your scam reports.

    When they make it sound easy, like auto or something, and then they make it seem like limited availability you have some serious red flags here.

    Reviewing these low quality high pressure scams looks like a full time job if you can even cover them all fast enough.

    I’m so glad Wealthy Affiliate is real, practical, all-inclusive and they tell you how it is like it actually takes some work, but very doable.

    1. yeah wealthy affiliate is the best online program that I have found. You get everything you need to build an successful business and the training is easy to follow. 

  7. when I click sign up it says sorry we are already full but moments later it says we have a very special offer for next 1000 members. That’s very shady for me. I don’t think I want to continue looking further. I like people who do business in a direct manner. What you see is what you get. Not just informing all the good stuff and redirect it to something else.

    1. Yeah of course, i am pretty sure i mentioned that in my review.  Because this program has flopped so they try to get you with another program of theres.  But why would you join that if there original program is not doing good?  It is nothing but lies so i dont recommend.

  8. Hey Justin,

    Thank you for bring this scam to awareness. I’m utterly disgusted as more and more fraudsters coming up with new “get rich quick scheme” nowaday to suck people money off. 

    But Affiliate Marketing is still the best method to earn Passive Income online as long you devote your time and effort in it.

    Luckily there still some legit company that really teaches Affiliate Marketing and that one I strongly recommended is Wealthy Affiliate. They provide all the features you need to succeed for your online business. 

    Best wishes and looking forward to your next review.

    Zayn Hiew

    1. Yes i agree, Wealthy Affiliate is cheap compared to others and everything is included here!  You wont need to pay for anything else which is amazing!

  9. This program sound really, really bad to me. I don’t like anything that pressures you to sign up because there is limited time or space available…when you go back a day, a week or a month or even a year later they say the exact same thing! Clearly it is LIE and just a pressure tactic. I also don’t trust any online program that claims it is all built for you and you can make money with a site that is the same as others. That just doesn’t work. If it was really that easy, then everyone would be rich and successful!

    I fell for a few of these types of scams early on but I have definitely learned to stay far, far away. I do not sign up for (or even look at) them now. If I get an offer for something like this I delete it or leave. 

    An honest online business means working on something unique that you create and put time and effort into, something that you can be proud of and that has your personal stamp on it! That is the type of program I want to be involved in. I want a program that gives me training and support to do my own thing, build my own business and be my own boss. 

    1. Yeah ever since i joined WA it has opened my eyes to all these other programs that try to scam you or the ones that are dishonest.  I have fell for some of them programs long ago but i wont anymore!

  10. Yep, definite scam detected! ! out of 5 stars? Nope not touching it with a ten foot pole! The name “Auto Affiliate” sounds suspect. I think that is foreshadowing of the product itself because anything promising easy money for you is actually the opposite in most cases.

    Its easy money for scammers and a loss for you. It like yo said, You shouldn’t trust these automatic money making scams. Real Business opportunities take time and effort to be successful.

    Thanks for the scam alert!

    1. Yes for sure, i never trust any program anymore if they claim its an automated program and it does not require any work from you.  You must work hard and stay dedicated if you want to succeed, there is no easy way.

  11. Hi

    Thanks for reviewing this program.

    At first glance it sounds like a possibility but if there is a whole lot of duplicated material then it is not going to be worth anything -imho!

    I have decided to go for Wealthy Affiliate – then you can earn money by offering something of value.  This is much more in line with my philosophy.

    All the best!!


    1. Yeah the value offered from Wealthy Affiliate is the best and worth the money,the best part is you can try for free just to see if this is what you want to do.  I continue to learn more stuff as i expand!

  12. everything is well elaborated and clear, i remember a few years back trying to sign up to those scams and that time i thought i have met the real opportunity. went to the bank trying to send the money to learn but they never helped me and i even called for help on how to send the money so i can start with their program.

    All of a sudden i researched for them in google and i found a lot of reviews that they are scam and i walked iway never yo look back and unsubscribed them. Then i joined Wealthy Affiliate and i was Home, happy and free..

    I really love your outline, this will really help people choose wisely and know that they are mot making a mistake by being part of Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Yeah and never trust programs if you have to send them money and always research a program before you decide to join.  I am glad WA came across my computer screen because i needed it!

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