Best work from home business? Bring in passive income!

Welcome back if you have been here before and welcome to all the new visitors! There are many ways you can make money online but not every way can make you passive income where you can make money while you sleep. In this article I will be showing you guys about the best work from home business you can do!

Affiliate marketing with a website

Anyone can do affiliate marketing and there are a few ways you can do it. I do not recommend just posting affiliate links all over social media or where ever you can post them. The whole point of having a website is that you will be able to keep earning money from your blog posts that has affiliate links forever.

I have just the online program that will give you the best affiliate marketing training and how to build a website within minutes! This program can also host up to 50 websites for you and is also a domain hosting platform. So keep reading if you are interested in getting into affiliate marketing and ill have links that you can go ahead and get started from.

You will learn all about SEO for getting on all the search engines so when people search your keywords and find your article ranked high on google they will be brought to your site. So this makes it possible for you to keep earning money from your website forever. There will be in depth training on keywords and how to use them, its always good knowing the competition for the keywords you use so you can rank high on search engines.

You will not need to know how to code or any of that complicated stuff, the owner of Wealthy Affiliate will take you step by step in building your website within a couple of minutes then you will be ready to go. You will get everything you need within this one program online and that even includes live chat so you can talk and ask other members questions. No other affiliate marketing program online offers everything Wealthy Affiliate does so that is my top Recommendation, check out my review below before you join.

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Blogging can be fun!

I have explained the affiliate marketing part of it a little bit but I will go into more details here. There are millions of affiliate marketers that has websites online and that is making loads of money. You will have to pick a niche and it can be anything you are passionate in or know a lot about. Then you will do your research and write an informative review explaining a product or whatever you decide to review and then at the end or throughout the blog you can have affiliate links that people can click on to buy that product. Once they buy the product you will earn a commission from whoever you are affiliated with, for example would be Amazon.

You can have multiple sites when you are ready but I only recommend having one when you first start out. You will learn a lot about writing content in the training at Wealthy Affiliate and if you are passionate about the products you are writing about then you will actually enjoy doing it and will end up watching money flow in.

This will be an actual online business and you will learn all about building a brand, I am 27 years old and I am so glad I found WA and got into affiliate marketing, the kind of money you can make is endless. If you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review I already linked I explain my story and how I got into affiliate marketing with this program, I have come across many scams and dishonest programs, but I am happy where im at now.

When you are searching for something online you most likely come across an affiliate marketers website when you are looking for a review for a cell phone or something that just came out. So the quality of the content and keywords is really important and you will learn all of this. You will also be able to attend a live class each week on different topics within Wealthy Affiliate also which is awesome!

customize your site as you like!

The fun part is customizing your website to fit your niche and your personality, you can add widgets and add header designs and a background design. There will be many themes you can pick for your website and some themes will have customizable buttons that you can set so people can be directed to another page.

You can even put ads on your site once you make a google adsense account so you can make some money that way too, all of this will be thought within the WA training. If you want to write ebooks in your niche you can do so and place them on your website so people can buy them.

You will have a name for your website and business and also a domain that goes with it so you can really build your brand and get noticed. You will learn all about using all the social medias to promote your business and all about organic traffic from search engines. Then down the road you will be able to make new websites with a whole new brand when you are ready, just don’t take on too much that you can handle.

Final thoughts

Affiliate marketing with a website is the best way to start your own online business in my opinion. I will say it does take time and hard work, the reason people get scammed all the time is that they go for the programs that offers them fast cash and promises that they can get-rich-quick. No matter what it takes time, hard work, and dedication to succeed online.

I have been growing my site for around 8 months now and its been coming along good and money has been starting to come in! Everyone is different though so depending on your content and how dedicated you are then you may be able to make money a lot faster.

By joining Wealthy Affiliate you will get a couple of bonuses, it is free to join so you can see if this is right for you but if you wish to get everything available to you it will be 49 a month which is a steal! Because you get all that training, hosting, domain hosting, live chat, live classes, keyword research tool, and much much more! If you went with any other program you would have to pay for a website host separate and even a keyword research tool. With Wealthy Affiliate you will get everything you need all in one!

One of the bonuses will be you getting your first month of premium for only 19 dollars, and the second bonus will be you getting me as a mentor that can help you get going and answer any questions you may have! Running an online business can be exciting especially if you want to succeed bad so just put in the hard work and go for it! I will have the link down below where you can join now and you will hear from me inside!

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Feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions I will get back to you as soon as I can. Also please share this article on all social media to spread the word! You can also follow me on twitter if you have any questions, I respond to everyone, tweet me at @smiddy01




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23 thoughts on “Best work from home business? Bring in passive income!”

  1. Hello Jsmiddy..Thank you for the very informative post. I am also a member of wealthy affiliate for two months now and my traffic has grown significantly. Wealthy affiliate is a great place for anyone willing to start an online business. One question though,after how long did you start earning cash from your site

    1. it took me about 8 months but it’s different for everyone. Once you start converting you will be making some money and then you just gotta keep going and don’t give up. 

  2. Hi Justin,
    I absolutely love the idea of passive income streams, which is what got me start searching for online income ideas. Building up a blog to where it’s making some money somewhat on autopilot is definitely no easy for overnight feat, but boy, does it feel GREAT when you see commissions for things start appearing regularly – even when you’re off on vacation with your family for a few weeks!!
    I do worry though about putting “all my eggs in one basket”. Any thoughts about the wisdom of splitting time between multiple sites and various income streams, or focusing all of my attention on one site?

    1. I would focus all your time on one site until you get it up and it starts bringing in good money.  Then go to a second site to get that one making money.  Because its hard to focus on 2 sites if you are not doing this full time yet so thats why i gave up on my second site for a while.

  3. I really like that everything is included with Wealthy Affiliate with the keyword research tool, premium feature packed hosting, a mentor I can lean on and plenty of high quality training that really shows exactly what to do to succeed online.

    It does take work and some patience, but it is fun work for me because I really enjoy my niche, Christianity.

    For those thinking of starting with WA, the best advice to listen to is pick a niche you are really excited about so you never run out of creating content ideas.

    1. Yeah for sure, i have a second niche website that i would run out of things to write about because i covered most of everything i could think of.  So i took a break from my second site and putting my focus on my main site.

  4. Thanks for these great tips on best work from home business. I used to post lots of affiliate links all over social media and then hope for the best – lots of people did. We actually made some money this way, so we kept on going.
    Now there are changes in all the major social media platforms algorithms so when people do that their posts don’t get picked up so much anymore. This really did mean that our websites became more and more important.
    I agree with you when you say that having your own website and then having your affiliate links off that is a great thing to do. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It really does take time to build a long term viable business model. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah and by just posting affiliate links everywhere that wont be able to bring you in passive income for years to come without you doing anything.  So that is why i like having a website and growing it as much as i can.

  5. Excellent advice and I agree with you that it pays to play the long game when it comes to affiliate marketing. There’s definitely good money to be made by recommending other people’s products, especially if you use them yourself and can speak honestly from personal experience.

    There’s a LOT of effort involved in building out a website and a brand to promote affiliate products, but it’s way better to do it that way than drop affiliate links all over social media, that’s for sure.

    Eventually, doing it the right way, you’ll end up with an asset that you can either sell or hold on to to bring you virtually passive income for years to come – and who wouldn’t want that?

    1. Yea of course, i hate spamming social media with links so the better way to go is a website so you can build an actual online business!  I became an affiliate with CBD oil because i do believe it will help people! 

  6. Awesome! Who doesn’t want to create passive income? This is such a great opportunity that Wealthy Affiliate  provides. A straightforward way to earn money online.

    I’ve been a member for about two years now and have benefited greatly. Truly an honest and no BS platform to create your business online. 

    Great Review.Thanks

    1. Thats awesome, i have been a member for about 9 months and i made a little bit of money.  I havent made that much yet but i have got new referrals they just havent done anything yet like normal:(  I will keep grinding and try to bring in the passive income!

  7. Thanks for the informative post Justin! Like many how have commented already I am also an Wealthy affiliate member and I personally could not be happier! I have been scammed over time and time again. When I first came across WA I was apprehensive but since I joined I am not looking back. You have a functional website up in minutes and it is YOURS. Such a cool feeling.

    1. Yeah it is, there is still a lot i want to do and some changes i want to make to my site.  I really need to just publish a lot of content within a week to catch up from my slacking days.

  8. Hi Justin,

    I am also starting out with affiliate marketing and got myself a WordPress website.  It is not doing as well as I hoped and the technical support at my current host is terrible.  The site is more down than up.  Will I be able to transfer my website to Wealthy Affiliate?

    I need you to be really honest with me.  How good is the technical support at Wealthy Affiliate?  This is very important to me!

    I am also not an expert in website design.  Will this be the place for me?  I want to learn everything about affiliate marketing, but at the same time improve my website design and layout.

    Thanks for a really great post!

    1. Well of course you can transfer your site to wealthy affiliate and the support is amazing, my site has never been down ever since i started it.  But i am pretty sure you should know this since you are commenting with sitecomments lol.  But Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to join.

  9. I have my site for 6 months now and it doesn’t generate any income yet, but I am still hanging in there because you are right that there is no fast way to make money quick. If that was the case, how come whoever that came up with the secret want to share it with us? But I still want it to be easy though lol I have been slacking lately with my blogging because it takes sometimes for people to come and visit my site. Enough said about me, by far blogging in my opinion can make us a passive income better than taking the online surveys anyday. Great post 🙂

    1. Yeah you cant be slacking and you must work on growing all of your social medias too because that will help you a lot.

  10. In my experience, joining wealthy affiliate and implementing everything the free course teaches has been the most successful for me. I have gone down many rabbit holes when it comes to online business, and every other course I took lead to a situation where I had to take more courses, of which I usually didn’t due to the cost. Wealthy affiliate seems to have everything you need to get up and running from the ground, and 3 years later, I am still a member.

  11. Wow, this is interesting. All the ways to make passive income are spelt out in this article review. And the best part is that the affiliate market owner will take you through series of tutorials just to make sure you start earning money for your passion. I count myself lucky to be a Wealthy Affiliate member because the thoughts of making money online here comes into realisation. Good job here. Welldone. 

  12. I think you explain everything what people will get if they join Wealthy Affiliate and start a online business as affiliate marketer. And like you said with hard work and by following the training they will succeed as Affiliate marketers. Hopefully more people read your article and take the decision to WA.

    Thank you for sharing this great information on how to work from home.

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