Can you make money selling CBD oil? Find out how!

This is going to be a different kind of article with a different topic. So many people want to know if you can make money selling CBD oil. I will explain in this article what I think about it and how you should go about doing it so enjoy!

What is CBD oil?

I am not going to give all of you guys the science behind CBD oil but I will quickly explain it and how I understand it. There is a lot of science behind it and it is extracted from hemp, just remember though that it does not get you high. This product is approved and is supposed to be healthy for you in a few different ways.

If you want to learn more about me you can by checking out my about me page but I do suffer with anxiety and depression. I can’t help it and it sneaks up on me when I really wish it wouldn’t, but this CBD oil is proven to help people with anxiety and will help you manage it. I do know people that has anxiety and they have said that they take this product and that it is the best thing ever.

This product is supposed to help your mental and general health which is a good thing and a lot of people can benefit off of it. There are many CBD oil websites but I picked the top one there is to purchase CBD oil and to become an affiliate if you want to sell it to make a commission.

If you want to learn more about the right site to buy and become an affiliate from then I will have the link below so you can check it out yourself!

Check out the #1 CBD oil site by clicking here!

How to become an affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate is actually pretty easy, I am glad I did it because I don’t mind promoting a product I believe in. I will have the link you can click on to go to the site, and you will see the nice layout there is and this site will also explain more of the science behind this product which is awesome!

I will also explain how you can promote this product better so you can make passive income, just keep reading I will be going over that very soon. So when you click on the link you will be brought to the site and from there you will need to scroll all the way down and click on affiliate program. After you click on affiliate program it will ask you to type in your business name and URL, I will show you guys how you can get a website and really benefit from promoting this product just keep on reading.

Once you fill out all the information you will submit it then just wait for an email that will have your own assigned link, then you know you was approved. Now I will explain the part about the website and how you can make a passive income.

Check out the CBD oil page by clicking here!

Make you a website!

Now I will always recommended using a website when you are promoting products, it is way easier to make money with a website. Having a website can bring you in passive income, that means that the articles you wrote that contains your affiliate links will be getting ranked on the search engines and people will be finding your page as long as you are ranked high on the search engines.

By just posting your affiliate link on all social medias does not work well, because that is sort of spamming and your Facebook friends may not like that. You would also have to keep posting over and over again just to try to make money. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and build you a FREE website then I suggest join Wealthy Affiliate like I did!

You will get step by step affiliate marketing training, hosting for your websites, domain hosting, keyword research tool, weekly live classes, and so much more! You can join for FREE and get a website up and running within minutes, but I do encourage you to go to the premium level which is just 49 month. So much will be included and there will be no up sells, you will get everything!

You will also get a couple of bonuses by joining and taking action! You will get a discount for your first month of only 19 dollars, and you will get me as a mentor that will help you with anything you need help with! Don’t miss out on this because you can promote CBD oil and so much more because you will be able to host up to 50 websites within Wealthy Affiliate! Want to learn more about WA? Check out one of the links below which will be my review page and you can join from there!

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review by clicking here!

Join Wealthy Affiliate today by clicking here and claiming your bonuses!

Can you make good money?

That answer is yes you can! You must remember at first it will be slow but you need to think about the future and you being able to quit your job. It takes time to build a website up and gain authority within the search engines, but once that is done and people are finding your article day in and day out the money will be racking up for you.

I have joined Wealthy Affiliate about 8 months ago and I have been getting paid by a few places and I also get paid by Wealthy Affiliate themselves because they have an affiliate program also. I promote what I believe in but I did not have any experience before I joined WA and now I am building websites and helping others do the same. I have even written 2 ebooks that are for sale on my site and on Amazon.

The most important things to remember is that you must be dedicated and be willing to put in the hard work so you can get to the point when you can do this full time from your home! That is all of our dreams and I have had a lot of horrible jobs and I recently quit my full time job of 6 years to set off and do something I want to do which is this. So if you are ready to take action and change your future there is a whole community that would be happy to help you within WA!

Final thoughts

There is a lot of money that can be made by promoting CBD oil because of how popular it is and how well t works with things like anxiety. By building a website you can better promote this product and write interesting articles that can grab your readers attention so they learn something new and buy. You get a 40% commission from selling CBD oil from the website I linked.

I hope to see you within Wealthy Affiliate and see you ready to go to build your first website! It can be exciting and you can join for FREE to see if this is something you would like to do long term so I hope to see you there! Feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments I will get back to you as soon as I can. Also please share this article on all social media so you can spread the word! You can follow me on twitter @smiddy0

Join Wealthy Affiliate today by clicking here!

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54 thoughts on “Can you make money selling CBD oil? Find out how!”

  1. I’m very aware of how CBD oil can improve people’s lives. My girlfriend uses it to help with joint pain and anxiety and I can tell that it’s a big help. But I had no idea that there were affiliate programs for it. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but I’ll say that I’m pleasantly surprised! This may be worth looking into. Thanks for the post!

    1. Yeah so i decided to give it a shot and sign up for the affiliate program.  I know there is good money in it too because of how popular it is.

  2. The affiliate commision at 40% is good, it may be a lucrative product to align your business with since more and more people are becoming interested in natural style supplements, would work well if you’re in the supplement, health and fitness or related niches. Just basing your site around a product like hemp oils would be a great niche on it’s own.

    1. Yes it would, maybe farther down the road when i learn more i may make a second site just about CBD.  I just want to see how all of this works out first i guess.

  3. I love this article as I have a friend and hie Auntie was diagnosed with cancer and given six months left to live and she took 10ml of cbd oil every day and she is still alive now over 2 years later, no wonder they do not want to legalise cannabis there are too many health benefits and there is no money for the pharmaceutical companies if people are well and healthy.

    Also cbd oil can take away pain and give a calming affect if taking the right dosage.

    Thank you for sharing this article, people need to know more about this and it is getting more well known, so it is a great market to get into, keep spreading the truth my friend, have a great day and all the success, health and happiness that you deserve.

    Kind regards.


    1. Wow that is crazy!  I didnt know to much about CBD oil but i have been looking more into it because i have anxiety and i hear that it helps with that too!  I am going to have to get myself some to try!

  4. Well, my first question is what is CBD oil?  and you answered that quite clearly. thank you. I guess you could make money selling it as you lay out how to become an affiliate of this product. I definitely will have to check this out. Thank you very much for your insight.

    And I have a wealthy affiliate account so I can make a nice subdomain and a nice niche website for this product. Awesome indeed.

    1. Yeah CBD oil seems pretty great!  But i wouldnt make a subdomain, i would buy my own domain because it looks way more professional!

  5. Hi Justin, CBD oil might well be the best medicine against epilepsy and psychosis. And it also seems to have an effect on chronic pain and nerve pain. There is certainly potential to turn the sale of CBD oil into a profit model and to promote it on a website. When you have a website, you can easily become an affiliate of companies that market CBD oil. I say, go for it, Loes

    1. Yeah of course, maybe sometime down the road when i learn more about this product i will make a second website and turn CBD oil into my niche!

  6. CBD oil looks like an interesting product to promote – thanks for the heads up on that one!

    There’s more of an acceptance of these types of products generally in society and I do believe the marketplace is set to grow exponentially. In South Africa (where I live) Cannabis for personal consumption has just been de-criminalized as it has I believe in Canada and certain states in the US.

    It’s a great time to follow the trend and get into this evolving marketplace – jump on it.

    1. Yeah of course they need to legalize it everywhere because it does help people with there health.  This CBD oil is growing like crazy and so many people are using it.

  7. Dear Justin Smiddy,

    In the recent past I often come across CBD oil ads and people telling they earn money by promoting it. Your article gave me detailed information on CBD oil and it acted as a double confirmation.

    Some of my very close friends are benefited from the CBD oil and they are promoting it in their website and earning good money. They asked me to signup and when I tried I was not accepted since I am from India.

    Does cbdpure accept affiliates from India? In their sign up form I can see India in the drop down box… Because many sites are not accepting affiliates from India and I am afraid whether I can promote CDB oil from India. Please advice.

    Your Friend,


    1. That is a good question and i am not sure, all you can do is try.  I am a new affiliate with them so i have not learned who all can be an affiliate.

  8. Hey Justin,

    I’ve heard good things about CBD oil, didn’t know there’s an affiliate marketing opportunity for it, nice! 

    I come from a blogging background so this can definitely work seeing how viable the product is plus that 40% commission help too. Does it have country restrictions though? I’m from Malaysia and I’ve come across several programs that I couldn’t promote because it’s restricted to US, Canada, an UK only.

    1. hey I am not sure if there are any restrictions on it, it wouldn’t hurt to try to sign up and see. It can be a great opportunity for selling cbd oil, I may make a second site just to promote it. 

  9. Hey Justin,

    CBD oil seems like a great product to promote as an affiliate. I’ve smoked pot before but never used CBD oil for any anxiety or health problems, is CBD oil a natural product just like marijuana or is there any chemicals used into making it?

    I’m currently a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself and I’ve built websites with them to promote affiliate products. Currently looking to start my 3rd website, and CBD oil seems like a great opportunity.

    I looked at the CDBPure site you mentioned, their oils sell for about $30 to $100, so at 40% commissions that’s like $12 to $50 profit per sale, not bad. Amazon only pays about 4%, so CDBPure is definitely a much better affiliate program. Anyway, thanks for the post!

    1. yeah no problem. And there are no chemicals in it. I believe it’s extractee from the hemp , there is science behind it but it seems like to help with a lot of problems. 

  10. Hi,

    Indeed, CBD is a very strong and profitable niche.  I see that this is on the rise in my community and that would actually be a great thing to promote at this moment here locally.

    And yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start promoting these products because you can host your website there take advantage of all the training there is available to learn how to make a profit from any niche market.


    1. Yeah Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need.  I am hoping to get another site up and running when i know i can handle both of them, i am wanting to do a whole new niche.

  11. This is indeed very interesting. I just wanted to add that CBD oil has been found to be very beneficial in dealing with all sorts of cancers. Speaking from experience, depending on where you are in the world, it can be difficult to obtain it, so to have a way to make it easier to get it, would be brilliant for the many customers looking for it. I believe this will be more and more in demand in the future. 

    I will definitely look into this, as I believe it is important to promote products you believe in! 

    1. Yeah of course and i want to get me some of my own because i have bad anxiety and i think CBD oil will help me out with that.  It hard for me to go out and have fun anymore and i had to quit my full time job i have had for 6 years.

  12. I haven’t tried CBD oil myself but my son has.  He has social anxiety and depression.  He stated that this stuff works wonders for him. By seeing the things that he is able to do now I’m a believer.  He is able to go out in public with his friends and do the things he wasn’t able to do in the past.

    Making money online is not an easy task to say the least.  A website is something that can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be.  Is there any legal issues with selling the CBD oil?

    1. Nope as i far as i know it is legal everywhere, i know people around where i live that takes it and i deal with bad anxiety so i was thinking about it.

  13. Hey I can vouch for Wealthy Affiliate. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for about a year now i have been making money slowly but surly the rate will build up, not bad for one year I say. I consider myself an Affiliate Marketer now on top of being a Medic working EMS. Soon I will be making more cash from affiliate marketing then I would be at my medical job.

    1. Yeah Wealthy Affiliate does work, i have been here about 9 months and i have made money but its not every month because my premium members never continue, i guess they dont have the drive.

  14. Great to know that starting out as an affiliate for Hemp Oil companies is so easy and that there are people who can train you to do well with it. I have wondered about where all the money goes and why so many sites seem to be selling this stuff lately. My main question would be what lead you to selecting the linked CBD source? you claimed it was the number 1 site but I have seen several others far more often. Is there a reason you chose this one?

    1. I did my research at first and it was listed as #1 and they offer a 40% commission to affiliates which is really good.

  15. Having had cancer in the past I am a big fan of CBD oil. It definitely helped to get past some pains which were a side effect of chemotherapy. Thanks for the promotion of this great oil. The more people see this type of thing,the more they will benefit. 

    My husband tried to make the oil at home, but it was not as good. So just a suggestion to anyone thinking of getting the oil. Just buy it!

    Don’t mess around with the measurements and such.

    1. Yes its never a good idea to try it yourself.  These companies know what they are doing when they make it lol.  I do hear it works for all sorts of pain and anxiety.

  16. Interesting. I’ve never thought of being an affiliate for hemp/CBD Oil. I’m always amazed at how vast the affiliate markets and networks are, and how many there are out there!

    Is this affiliate program just a one time thing, or if you someone purchases through you, they remain in your downline for the rest of the time they used this specific company? Thanks!

  17. Thanks for your information on CBD oil, Justin.  You said it was made from hemp.  I’ve heard of an oil that is made from marijuana.  Is it the same thing, or are they different?  You’ve also said that it works on your anxiety,  To you take it orally or do you rub it on your skin somewhere.  I haven’t visited your link to the CBD oil site yet, and these questions may be answered there, and if so, sorry for wasting your time.  

    Here’s the big question, though.  My wife suffers from migraines.  Do you know if the oil would help overcome those bad headaches she gets?  If it does, I’ll run out and get some right away.  


    1. Yes this product works well for pain, and there are different kinds of CBD and yes hemp is the same as mariguana.  Click on my link and you will see many kinds until you can find what is right for you and how you can take it also.  I know people with cancer also enjoys CBD so many people uses it for many reasons.

  18. Hi, there

    This is something for me I have Psoriasis arthritis and I am in pain all day long and like to try this oil, I’ve heard so much good about it, and it would be nice for me to start an affiliate on this Oil do you think?

    I’ve also heard wonderful things about Wealthy Affiliate, and I signed in there, it is like people said it is a super community of great people there,I’m never going to regrate it to have signed up there.Thank you for a great article.

    Best regardsSalomon.

    1. No problem, it would be a good idea to get some CBD for yourself.  This stuff actuaally helps with a lot of issues which is crazy then you could always be an affiliate after you learn more about it as well.

  19. Hi Justin, CBD oil has been linked to so many positive remedies. Everything from anxiety like you say, to pain management for severe arthritis. I also understand that it can control epilepsy. Is it legal across United States. Marijuana and marijuana oils, hemp oils etc. are legal across Canada as of October 17th 2018. So my question is, what is the legality of selling CBD oils on a website.

    It would definitely be a good affiliate program to get involved in at a 40% commision. I also like the Wealthy Affiliate idea. You mentioned that wither their websites and things that you also could be an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate. Do you know what the commision is for their program?

    I am going to have to look into these 2 opportunities for making money online. Thank you for all sharing all your information in this post.


    1. well you should know all about wealthy affiliate because you are a member already. But I do believe CBD oil is legal everywhere, I know some people that uses it hear and I heard good things about it. 

  20. I think that the market for CBD oil is only going to increase as more and more people get to understand its benefits and what it can actually do. So to know there are affiliate programs where you can make money from this is really great. Not only that but you cover off a great place to create and host your own website. Thanks for this information and keep up the good work. 

    1. yeah and this CBD oil website gives the affiliates 40% which is awesome. But this would be a good niche to use and to get a website up and running for it. 

  21. I am a affiliate marketer always looking for good affiliate programs.  I read your post about CBD oil and must agree, this looks like a good opportunity for passive income.  I do have a website but not a lot of traffic at the moment.  If I use the Wealthy Affiliate program you recommend, will they be able to help me increase my website traffic?

    1. well only you can increase your website traffic by publishing a lot of content and sharing your website everywhere. WA will provide the training you need. 

  22. You’ve got the coolest affiliate marketing partner so far. I was a little nervous about offering such a product, but this is tactfully presented and you’ve got to appreciate the medicinal value?
    I was wondering whether CBD oil would work for my daughter who has epilepsy? I’d rather she not smoke weed because I believe that smoking damages lungs? Of course, I’m not sure, I’m just guessing? While I was reading about your rather cool website, my daughter came home and I told her about CBD oil, and she informed that she has used this product from time to time. She says she’d rather take CBD oil instead of or with the medicine the doctor gives her. She says that she’s tried these pills and this product really works great for her! In fact, after seeing your site she wants to do affiliate marketing too. I’m going to try CBD oil for my work stress.

  23. Nice and informative post, though I have heard about CBD oil for quite some time now but I never knew it is made from hemp. I think CBD oil will make a good sale because a lot of people are suffering from anxiety and depression and CBD oil will help battling it.i will try to build my website and see if promoting CBD oil is best for me. 

    1. Yeah it can be and it also helps for different kinds of pain, its good to do your research on it before you start promoting it.

  24. Have read about CBD oil before and I like the testimonies from people have used it. I’m a present premium member of wealthy affiliate, my second month. The trainings are very good. Hence  I’m considering going to health niche. But can I promote this product from Nigeria where I am? Thanks 

  25. Thanks for the article. I live out of the USA, Canada and UK so am interested in being able to purchase CBD oil in Australia. Do you know of any companies that send to Australia? If so that would be helpful because I tried it from a friend and noticed that i was instantly calmed and I had a good feeling. 

    It was also interesting because everybody that makes money online by affiliate marketing agrees with you and says that spamming with just a link is not a great way to make money because nobody takes notice of the link and having a website is the best way to make money. Then i ask myself a question of how to build a website and you answered that so that is awesome. Again thanks, J.

  26. This is a great post! I actually like the fact that CBD oil does not get you high because you can get the health benefits of the plant without having to experience the mind-altering effect you would usually be subject to from consuming or inhaling the plant in its original form.

    I also agree that a good quality website is great to help you earn passive income because your website doesn’t need to sleep when you do. I think that 40% commission is excellent and you have the peace of mind knowing you are promoting a product that actually works and that it will help people. The product is great because it is cold pressed rather than heated meaning that the natural mineral composition has not been denatured by the heating process, meaning a healthier product.

    Is there a different form of the oil like a paste to apply to painful areas of the body or can you use just rub the oil onto the painful spots?

    Thanks for sharing this information!

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