Top 4 common mistakes bloggers make- avoid these mistakes!

Let’s dive in and go over the top 4 common mistakes bloggers make! I have made some of these very same mistakes and I had to learn and adapt so I am wanting to help all of you so you don’t make the same mistakes I did! It is very easy to get distracted trust me on that, lets get right into the first common mistake!

1st common mistake: social media

Social media is very important for having your own online business that is a blog. When I first started blogging I did not have a big following and I didn’t even really use twitter and I never used pinterest. Once you venture into your own website and you are ready to start blogging and you want to grow your brand you must get all the social medias and work on growing your following on each one!

I know a lot of online marketers that blog that are older and don’t really know anything about social media and don’t care to learn. I always try to stress to them how important social media is because you need to always share your content once you publish it and continue to publish your most popular articles throughout the week, just not multiple times in one day.

I try to post other stuff on my social media not just my articles I have published, I normally will share pictures and quotes that has a lot of tags so I normally gain some new followers. You can even get on Fiverr which is a freelance website and pay someone that has a big following in your niche to give you a shoutout, I have done this and each time I have had success with it.

I have never used Pinterest before blogging but once I got my website going I learned all about Pinterest and how much traffic you can get from it. Its easy to get followers on there and you just keep pinning your blog post with a pictures and you can see how many clicks and views you get. So remember social media is almost as important as writing quality content!

2nd common mistake: no YouTube channel

I decided not to add this in with social media because it is different even though the traffic would still be under social media. The thing is a lot of people don’t like to be in front of a camera but YouTube videos are so easy to make now, all you need is your smartphone.

I am glad I started making videos on my channel giving tips on starting your own online business because I have been getting views on them videos and those viewers end up going to my website because I have the links in the description. I don’t even edit most of mine yet but I will be, I do have editing software that I bought a while ago but you can actually get free editing software on your phone if you want to do edits.

I try to take advantage of all social media and even YouTube to promote my blogging website and to help others do the same thing I do. People enjoy videos more so they can actually see who you are and I find that it is easier to explain things in a video. Also try to actually be in the video and not just write text in a video because people want to see you explaining some opportunity or product, they don’t want to read in a video.

3rd common mistake: People expect fast results

With blogging and affiliate marketing you need to stay motivated and know that it will take time to see results and money, everyone makes money at different times when they start their own online business so it doesn’t really make sense to ask them.

You need to make sure you keep writing quality content and sharing all over social media, the work does not stop after you hit that publish button if you want to succeed. Your website will need to gain the trust of the search engines and that takes time so you must be in it for the long haul and to better your future.

I have learned so much from the program I joined that has all the training and tools I need to succeed, it was a blessing that I have found the right online program! There will be links where you can join the program I am a part of for FREE to try it out to see how you like it.

Try to have fun when starting your first online business, having a website can be over whelming but you get used to it, make sure to pick a niche that you are passionate about so you can keep coming up with ideas to write content around. If you stick with it and put out good content weekly you will end up seeing results!

4th common mistakes: Distractions

Getting distracted is a common mistake that happens to everyone including myself. I understand things happen in your life and you may be working another job while you work on growing your online business. But you still have to stay focus and think about your future.

I would get distracted a lot because I love to play video games and I would put off writing new content to play games and then that would happen the next day and so on, so I had to make sure to get stuff done with my site first then play games after. You will get distracted and some point in your journey but you just need to prioritize.

Luckily for me I quit my factory job and went on to drive for Uber to pay my bills and I work on my websites at night and sometimes in the morning when I get up. Just try to have fun with it and keep learning so you can expand and make more money than you would ever dream of making!

Join the online training platform that I have and work with a whole community to succeed!

The platform I am a part of is Wealthy Affiliate, this is by far the best program online that offers tons of training, weekly live classes, live chat, website hosting up to 50 websites, domain hosting, and much much more!

I can go into so much detail explaining how Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be to start your own online business but instead I will link my review down below so you can check it out in more detail! You will be able to join for FREE to see how you like it and even build your first website! By taking action now you will get a couple of bonuses! You will get a discount for your first month of only 19 dollars which is crazy and you will get me as your mentor to help you out and ill always be checking up on you.

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review by clicking here!

Final thoughts

Starting your own online business can be over whelming but fun, you will get the hang of it and there are plenty of members within Wealthy Affiliate including myself that will help you when ever you need it! You will also learn about more distractions and how to avoid them even though some are hard to avoid.

If you are wanting to join and try it for FREE click the button above and ill see you in there! Feel free to leave me any comments and ask any questions I will get back to you as soon as I can. Share this article on all social media to spread the word and help me out! I hope I see many of you guys within Wealthy Affiliate building your own online business!  Follow me on twitter for any updates @smiddy0





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84 thoughts on “Top 4 common mistakes bloggers make- avoid these mistakes!”

  1. Hello,

    This topic has been really sitting in the dark corner of my mind and I must admit that I am a little intimidated by the thought of venturing into mediums such as a YouTube Channel. I have been primarily focused on writing and blogging and know that I need to start branching out but have not quite got there yet.

    Do you have some starter tips that assisted you in starting out and possibly somethings to be mindful of to ensure the message is received by your audience in the best possible way?

    Thanks so much for your help.


    1. In youtube videos i try to show the passion i have for Wealthy affiliate and starting your own online business and ill make videos about scams i have found online and suggest people join WA for a legit way to make money.  I have got some traffic from my videos and i know i need to keep uploading more so i can get my views and subscribers up.

  2. Wow! Great content on your site.  How did you learn all the information that you provided?  I am in awe as I want to have all the knowledge you have on the topics you mentioned.  See, I am trying very hard to make passive income. I only have a limited amount of time with a loved one I take care of and I am trying to make passive income as quickly as possible to make my time with this family member more enjoyable with them.  By this I mean, I want to give this loved one the things that would make him more comfortable, more relaxed, and happier.  I live with the stress and pressure everyday not having enough money to pay bills, take care of my loved one (my father).  I just wish there was a magic pill so I could gain the success I need quicker.  Your site was outstanding and very inspiring.  Thank you very much for allowing me to view and review it.  I have one question for you!  In your professional opinion, would I make money faster through wealthy affiliates affiliate program or through creating my websites with affiliate marketing?  I am very interested in your answer as I want to make extra money to make my time on earth with my father more enjoyable.  Taking care of him and taking care of daily living methods unfortunately costs lots of money.

    1. Yeah i do struggle to and i stress more then most people because i have bad depression and anxiety but i do try to stay focused on what my goals are for my future.  I think promoting Wealthy Affiliate could get you some sales sooner just because everyone is looking for a way to make money online, you just got to do  lot of product reviews and use good keywords.

  3. Thank you for sharing your insight. 

    Social media is indeed important. I’m a new blogger, just starting out, and can see the trouble of being followed myself. Thanks for introducing a new idea that never heard of, paying reputable person to give you a shout out! very impressive.

    The second thing that I want to comment on is what you called distraction(s). It is very hard, especially at the beginning, to stay focused, when you are not seeing any result. You need to stay focus, but also you need money to live, which force you to keep working on something else that make your current living. 

    As a beginner, I’m in a pitch dark, hoping to see light somewhere 🙂

    1. The light comes, it did for me and that motivated me more so i would keep going.  I continue to drive for Uber or other stuff to make money for bills in the meantime and i make some from my website.

  4. I must admit that I’ve made all those four mistakes at different times. I just want to first appreciate you for reminding me on those matters.  Personally, I have shared my content on social media so many times until I don’t miss doing it anymore.

    I’m just concerned about sharing on Facebook in particular. I have shared articles to a point of paid Ads and all I get is only likes and very few clicks on content. In such a case, is sharing articles on social media worth it? 

    Which is more profitable between organic and social media traffic? 

    Thank you for such an informative article.

    1. Well the organic traffic will come after your articles get ranked high so its important to share on social media to boost them or ask people to search for your website on google so that can help you with rankings.

  5. With a background in marketing and as a social media manger I do believe being available on social is important, however I would offer some words of caution. Many try to be everywhere at once. Firstly, when you get your domain, claim your username on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, G+ and YT, possibly Snapchat if that is your jam. Secondly start on one channel, get good at that channel before you move on to the next. 

    Some other notes I’d like to add, you don’t have to be everywhere. If Twitter is not your thing, don’t worry about it. Play to your strengths. And lastly make sure you have different content on all of the social networks. (a post that works on FB doesn’t necessarily work on Twitter, besides you want people that follow you on all channels to get different content and not all the same)

    1. Yeah and i think it is important to have all the social networks because you will gain different followers on each one.  I keep trying to grow all of my social medias and i try to upload a couple of videos on youtube a month.

  6. Hello,

    I am a new blogger, or I should say I want to become a blogger, I can’t say that I am one because I don’t think I know enough yet. The information on your site is a new blogger’s dream. I definitely took notes. Your 4 Common Mistakes Bloggers make article is God sent. I’m sure, no I’m certain I would have experienced everything I shouldn’t be doing as a blogger. It’s a different story now, I know 4 mistakes that I will not be making. Blogging would be therapy for me, the informative information on your site has explained blogging could be so much more. I have read  and researched Affiliate Marketing and I am very interested but just was not sure how to get started or where to look for legitimacy. It’s funny how if you are serious about looking for something you eventually find it. Your site is a one stop shop for someone like me. I’m looking for helpful information on blogging, I found it here and more.  I want to explore more into your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate, it really sounds like it might just be the program I am looking for.

    I hope you will share more of your recommendations and helpful information for wanna be bloggers and affiliate marketers like me.

    Thanks so much!


    1. Yeah the work never stops even after you publish your articles.  Do the work now to succeed then you can relax later.

  7. Interesting that you can pay someone on Fiverr to give a shoutout. I didn’t knew that. I’ve tried $5 daily facebook promotions and while that gets a pretty nice result, it doesn’t really improve my following after I stop promoting. So I might try out your suggestion.

    I’m working on a Youtube channel. I’m doing research in finding the best video-editor. Everyone tells me to get Camtasia, but I think that’s too expensive and complicated for what I need. But yeah, Youtube is getting big and everyone should jump on it.

    1. Yes youtube does bring me traffic and i do need to upload a lot more.  i use filmora for my editing software, i spent like 60 on it.

  8. Hi Justin, As I am still new to the online marketing business and blogging in general, I found your post extremely helpful. I have been making some of these mistakes myself.  I am particularly struggling with navigating social media. Do you think by starting with a few social media first and as I become more comfortable adding more would be a good idea? Thanks for the pointers to help me head in the right direction, and for offering some insight. Cheers Cass

    1. Well of course, you will first start with the ones you know then move on to the ones you never used so you can learn them..  Also youtube is a big help, i need to upload a new video for this month.

  9. yeah really,  I’m one kind of a person the love to demonstrate with practical examples.  But most time I don’t really want to make that move to make a you tube video. Are there special ways or software that can motivate one to do that. 

    On the other hand,  I have series of social media accounts where I share my thoughts and have some followers.  I believe I can use that to my advantage. 

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts…. 

    1. It is very simple to get a youtube channel going, and if you build up enough subscribers and views you will be able to make money off of your videos with ads.

  10. Dear Justin,

    Thanks a lot for the valuable and much needed advice for bloggers.

    I am a full-time blogger and your post gave me new insights. All the 4 points you discussed are vital for the online business success.

    I need to work on building my Youtube channel as you said I am little bit afraid of doing videos but after reading your post I have decided to start my own Youtube channel. Thanks for the motivation.

    Distractions – Although I am aware of it, it’s the biggest challenge and I am going to focus more and avoid distractions. SOS – Shiny Object Syndrome is the one every blogger need to avoid and you explained it very well.

    Wishing you much success!


    1. Yeah it takes alot of work and i cant wait for the day when i make enough money from my online business so i dont have to do anything else.

  11. I agree with you on all four counts, I for one have tried to utilise this Social Media platforms andeven though I am not very consistent due to lot’s of commitment, I still see the good effects it can have on Our business, for example, I just started on pinterest and in less than a week with just 4pins and two boards I already had about 60 views, that really showed me the potentials one has with this medias and I look forward to creating more time for them. As for the Youtube videos, I know it’s a powerful boost but haven’t gotten the nerves to try it yet. I do like the idea of using our smartphone for a start, as I never thought of that. Thanks for the tip.

    1. Yeah pinterest is really good for traffic and Youtube videos is helpful because your viewers wil become traffic to your site, its important to have an upload schedule which i still need myself.

  12. To be honest, I am not keen in video marketing, especially on YouTube. I think it’s very time consuming and you actually need to be very confident in front of the camera, in which I am not. I prefer to use relevant videos and embed into my blog for more engagement without having to create the videos myself. Do you think that will still be helpful?

    1. It can be but the point of having a youtube channel is to get traffic to your site from the views you get on your video on Youtube.  If you put videos on your site then you arent getting any new traffic.  Views that i get on my videos on Youtube normally clicks on my link and goes to my website.

  13. Hi Justin, So much truth in what you say. It is so important to be on the Social Media Platforms regularly. It can be rather time consuming but if regulated works wonderfully. It can also become addictive and then no posts get written.

    It is very easy to become distracted but if one tries to keep to a time table that certainly helps. I find that I am better blogging in the morning and doing anything on social media in the afternoon.

    Early mornings are my best time so I like to go through the training then.

    Haven’t begun with YouTube Channel yet but will be doing that soon. I can see how valuable it is. Thanks for the prompt.

    Great advice, thanks.

    1. Yeah i normally work on my website at night and write new blog posts and share on all social medias.  Throughout the day i try to get my following up more, i know i need to upload more on youtube right now i do like one video a month and i need that to be more!

  14. Thank you Justin for this great article.

    I am just getting my blog up and running and literally just added a social media plugin to it today. I was aware of how powerful social media is to get your website known but reading your article has really brought this home so I will make sure I start getting into all the social media channels to start sharing my posts.

    1. Yes it is always important to build up your following on all social media..  social media plugins are very useful too!

  15. Hi, Justin. I can relate to all these mistakes. Distraction is one of my weaknesses. I always seem to be drawn to doing something else other than what I should be doing. I’m still two minds about social media. It is a double-edged sword. Too much social media and we don’t have time to do what we should be doing, and using social media to market our business. I think these 4 common mistakes affect many people, even though they may be in denial., Cheers, Paul.

    1. Yes it can get distracting but it is very important to grow all social media accounts.  I always try to gain more followers everyday, so far i think Facebook is the hardest to gain likes and follows.

  16. Thank you for a very wonderful post on Top 4 common mistakes bloggers make. I started building my website but all the mistakes  mentioned in your post are real. I don’t share any link on social media because i don’t trust the traffic from social media because most of them are not real .Many people including me use social media as a way of distraction but not for business. After reading this post i found it can be a good way to get traffic why not customers . We don’t need to know the state of our traffic anyway. Thank you for changing my mind about social media

    1. Yeah social media is good for traffic and you can always see your numbers ans how many people comes to your site from social media.

  17. Thanks for these tips. I’ve just started blogging recently with affiliate marketing but not very good with social media. I do have a Facebook page but not a lot of engagement yet.  Do you have an opinion on whether Instagram or Pinterest is better for natural health products? I don’t know anything about either of them so would like to know where to invest my limited time learning.

  18. Thanks for these tips. I’ve just started blogging recently with affiliate marketing but not very good with social media. I do have a Facebook page but not a lot of engagement yet.  Do you have an opinion on whether Instagram or Pinterest is better for natural health products? I don’t know anything about either of them so would like to know where to invest my limited time learning.

  19. Your post has a lot of valuable information for us affiliate marketers. I agree completely that social media is critical to getting traffic. I think new marketers should sign up to all of them, but try to master only one at a time. Supposedly, you only need to master one social media outlet to make a ton of money.

    I have a facebook page and I think that is critical to gaining consistent followers.

    Yes, this is not a get rich quick scheme for sure. It takes time and consistent effort to have a successful website.

    It is definitely easy to get distracted by all the adds to make money online. And, they have really good marketing to suck people in and take there money. If someone promises you the world, turn and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

    Thanks again Justin for this useful information.

    1. Yeah there are a lot of programs to watch out for, every social media platform can offer different traffic so i am trying to gain more followers on all of them.

  20. Being new to market affiliation this is great for me. Of course I am technology illiterate and YouTube will be something that may slow me down.

    Pinterest should be really fun. I forget about that as that seems to be a go to for ideas. I am sure it will be a huge hit.

    Facebook and Instagram, are you posting them on your own personal profile or a created one for your website? I guess the same question for Pintrest as well.

  21. These are really good pointers for someone who is still new in blogging like me. I must say I was not a fun of social media and getting a following was not important to me but now I have activated all my accounts and am getting good follows some do end up in my site.

    Am yet to get the hang of YouTube, I created a channel but have not posted anything yet, my phone is not so smart to take good videos but planning on buying a camera soon so it is on my list.

    I do get distracted a lot of times but have made up my mind to always plan my daily activities in regard to blogging. This is working out well so far. The Wealthy Affiliate community you mentioned is such a great place to learn and glow as a blogger, starting with zero experience and soon you have your own website. 

    Wow your article has helped me stay in check and know that am on the right track.

    1. Yeah and a youtube channel can really help and its cool that you can check the viewership and watch time of each one of your videos everyday.

  22. I agree with all your points you present here. I just want to add something for your 3rd point. Anyone who wants to start a new online venture should give it at least a year without expecting to see any results whatsoever. Most people fail because they work but when they don’t see results they quit. If you decide that for at least 1 year you will work without expecting to get a single cent in return then there is a big chance that after a whole year, results will start slowly to come and thus motivate you to continue more.

    1. Yeah of course and i am getting close to a year with one of my sites and i have seen some money already come in from it so now i am just trying to expand it even more.

  23. You were totally right when you said blogging does not end when you hit the publish button for a new content on your site. It is much more than that. But unfortunately a lot of people don’t know this which is one of the reasons they don’t succeed online.

    Social media is an important factor if you want to succeed in the online world. You just have to get yourself involved in them because if you don’t your reward for your hard work on your blog would be very limited.

    I would have to say that I am one of those that don’t really feel comfortable sitting in front of a camera which is why I still find it difficult opening up a channel in youtube. Can you offer some advice because I know that a lot of people also have this problem.

    1. Its not that hard to get in front of a camera, i mean a lot of success can come with a youtube channel and overtime you will get more comfortable being in front of a camera, you just gotta get your first video out.

  24. I agree with you 100% , arsenic mistake most of us commit before. Social media it where traffic found, no social media, social pages no traffic and if it’s no traffic that means no business. I remember while I was a beginner to online business I had no traffic because of no social media I was in that time. YouTube stuff it where our patience go to trials…even it’s hard to go long distance without knowing if it will pay off, passion drives us up.

  25. Hello Justin,

    Thanks a lot for the heads up on these four common mistakes bloggers often. Indeed these mistakes are very common. For me, the one that really hit me is the number four(4) which is about getting distracted. I often get distracted not for planing video games but rather into an unnecessary chatting. So, the precious time I could have spent on my blog is often wasted on chatting. 

     I think for now, I’m doing well with social media.

    Another area I was lacking was not having YouTube Channel. I knew people often spend a lot of time on YouTube, but I didn’t know that it will be very helpful for my blog. But later on I created one and I could see how helpful it is in creating the channel. I get quite some good traffic to my blog.

    The third mistake I made was exerting fast result. I almost gave up when after some months of hard work, I didn’t see any result. But I have come to understand the need to be very patient in this business, it really takes time see result, but the effort is always worth it. Thanks so much for sharing this useful information with us.


    1. Yeah you cant give up if you want to see results.  Everyone is different depending how hard they work and how motivated they are.

  26. Hi Justin Smiddy !

    Most of the traffic we get into our blogs are from social media. I love Pinterest because I get more traffic form Pinterest. I never tried Fiverr and after reading your article I am intended to try it out. After our 9 to 5 job sometimes it’s tiresome to work on online websites, but to achieve something life we should devote our time and should be first of all enthusiastic. Then we will achieve. Although I have a youtube channel I never use this much. Hereafter I should devote some time to it as well as well. Thank you very much for pointing out the4 common mistakes because unless pointing out people do not realize the mistakes.

    1. Yeah of course, and i know that i need to upload a lot more on Youtube so i can keep updated videos, so far i normally upload once a month but i want to upload more then that.

  27. Hi Justin

    Thanks for such an informative article!  It has made me focus more on leveraging social media and to overcome my fears of it.

    I have been burned by some online business scams and have learned to look for two things – firstly, a sound fundamental model that makes sense and, secondly, realistic expectation setting.

    I was wondering if you could share more about the fundamental business model of Wealthy Affiliate and anything salient regarding realistic expectations.

    Thanks again,


  28. Thanks for the great post on the top four common mistakes bloggers make.  I can say first-hand that I have made them all.  One thing I’ve learned with social media, it’s not only a great place to generate traffic but it’s an awesome resource for coming up with topics to blog about.  Simply read what people are posting/asking about in the niches related to your blog and bam, you have a great source of current topics!

    I’ve started my YouTube channel but find it a bit difficult coming up with video content of my own.  I have a couple videos, but I really need to step it up in this category.  I will say, my posts with videos do get more traffic.

    Ahh…fast results…I strive to get, on average two to three posts a week published.  That said, sometimes I’ll post five in one week an then not post another for a week or two.  I see what this does to my traffic and it isn’t pretty.  l’m working on getting onto a more regular posting schedule.  My only issue there is, many time I think my posts are urgent or relevant now and want to get it out ASAP.  I’m thinking now that I really need to evaluate how urgent my posts really are and then maybe hold onto one or more, releasing them on a more regular basis.

    Distractions…ha…these are everywhere.  It is very difficult to commit to a specific schedule.  I don’t know if that’s really my reality or if it’s my excuse, if you know what I mean.

    I believe you’ve hit these issues right on the head.

    Thanks again for the great post!

    1. Yesi get distracted a lot, i would like to be able to publish a couple of posts a week and i would like to upload a couple videos to youtube a month if i could.

  29. Thank you for your insights into the common mistakes made by bloggers trying to promote a business.

    They are all common mistakes to be sure – many assume that you can write good content with good SEO and the traffic will come.

    It usually does not work that way.  You need some expert training and guidance to help promote your site.  In most business sites, no traffic means no business, and there is no business without social media.

    And it certainly does take time to get up a nice web site, get social media going, and write good content into your blogs.

    Thanks for your insight!


    1. Yeah i am still trying to grow my social media accounts up even higher, but i need the right kind of followers and not just everyone else thats promoting stuff.

  30. I enjoyed your post.

    I have been blogging for over 10 years and I can say that you chose 4 great topics.

    One of the biggest mistakes I see with Social Media is that people post too much ‘marketing’ material to their social media sites.

    Only yesterday, I was scrolling through my Facebook wall and noticed that it has become a massive advertising billboard. Almost everyone is trying to sell.

    And I can’t stand it.

    I did not join Facebook to be advertised to all day.

    When posting always identify why you are posting something.

    If you post a picture because you had a wonderful experience and want others to enjoy the same experience that is fantastic.

    If you post the picture to try and sell me something, that is not good.

    Intent is the question.

    Social media is about being ‘social’, creating relationships.

    I have started unfriending people who just send me sales pitches.

    Hope this helps !


    1. Yeah that is also why you try to engage with your followers as well and not just post links.  You should maybe share one of your articles maybe once a day on social media and then just post other stuff so you are just not advertising.

  31. I enjoyed reading your tips… I often forget to post my blog posts on social media, but your discussion on it made perfect sense. I know I need to “broadcast” my posts. Your article was  a good reminder of that for me.

    What is the best way to start a YouTube channel? I write on diabetes so would it make sense for me to interview doctors/healthcare professionals? Or give out my own research findings? Maybe a recipe channel for diabetes friendly foods?

    Distractions can also be a big problem for me. I too, enjoy video games, but I also enjoy helping people, so I try to find a balance, but it isn’t always easy.

    I look forward to your reply!

  32. So I’ve been thinking about adding video content to my blog, but I’m just not sure about videos of me.  I used to do a lot of videos when I was in real estate, so I guess it could be similar.  I’m good at writing, not so comfortable in front of a camera.  So you don’t think words and pictures telling information are as good as a person?  My son said the same thing.  Do you use your cellphone to video yourself?

  33. Yep you hit the nail on the head. I have made a few of these mistakes and than some along the way. I put off pinterest forever even though I had my account for awhile I have just ventered into it more.  You tube I know I have to get into but that scares the begeebies out a me . Any pointers on how to get started, is youtube easy to set up?

  34. Hi, these are some great reminders. Especially the distraction part is often one that get’s underestimated here.

    I can change something and minimize distractions but on the other hand as you say I should also work on my social media presence.

    I very easily get distracted by all the more or less interesting posts my Facebook friends post on a daily basis. I just have to be more disciplined when opening Facebook and post my stuff instead of reading everybody else’s.

    1. Yeah well i have all my social media seperate from my personal accounts.  So my facebook page is a business age so i dont see everyones post or anything all i see is what i post so social media dont distract me.

  35. I have found that sticking with just one social media site is a good way to go.  At least for me because I get overwhelmed at having to update all the different social media places.

    Never really thought about using Fiverr to get a shout out.  That is a good idea.  I’m actually going to try that out for myself.

    I do know that it takes 6-12 months before you start to make money with niche sites.  I’ve been doing it for 10 years.  I used to get so frustrated when I wasn’t getting any ROI.

    But passion is key.  I literally love my essential oils niche therefore it doesn’t seem like work at all!  

  36. I presently blog and agree that these are many of the mistakes bloggers who are new make. Social media actually is used by more older individuals then you may imagine. Recently going to a community boost event for Facebook sponsored by them, over 65 % of the attendees in the  room at the various workshops were over 45 years of age. Myself I am in my 60’s and using it since it came out and my teen was using it. 🙂

    One mistake I would include is not using Grammarly as a good editor for not only spelling but helping with content structure and overall grammar.

    I also agree distractions, or as some say shiny objects will keep us from reaching our goals.

    Wish you continued success.


  37. Hey Justin! How are you doing? I enjoyed reading this blog post and I would highly recommend beginners and other people to read this because we might’ve committed most these mistakes before.

    To be honest, I’ve committed the second mistake which is not starting a YouTube channel. I’m so busy with my own website that I have no time to create a brand new YouTube channel. Don’t you think creating a YouTube channel is time taking? I mean you need to record, edit and post and it’s a lot of headache.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us. Cheers!

    1. It is easy to start and you dont have to edit unless you want your videos to look a lot better.  But youtube videos helps with rankings as well so it is really important to have.

  38. These mistakes a so common. I remember starting out my journey Online with a youtube channel. I make graphic design videos with my Android device. I am an Android YouTuber. From conception to completion of every video, it was always with my Android device. So there are no excuses not to have a YouTube channel along side your website. Videos sort of increase search engines rankings too.

    I also had some social media accounts. I had to follow up people with similar passion as I had and in no time I had better results.

    In your online pursuit as a blogger, there will always be distractions. What makes you stand out is focus. Do all you can to keep the focus.

    Know that the blogosphere has lot of competition. The truth is it is not easy but consistency will for sure make you outstanding.

    Thanks for sharing


  39. hello again justin,

    I have made pretty much all those mistakes.  thanks for the prod.

    I want to ask you about hootsuite.  Apparently it is software that automates parts of your social media posting.  I haven’t had a chance to do much more research than that.  Have you heard of it or used it?

    Is it a good idea or not?

  40. Hello Justin,

    I really enjoyed reading this post which served as a reminder to me.  

    I am still relatively new at affiliate marketing and still learning the ropes.  I’m doing better with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  I have a YouTube channel but I’m not using it yet because I haven’t learned how to make a video.  Also I’m still trying to figure out Pinterest.  

    I think I’m on the right track based on your post.  Thanks again.

    V. Pearl

  41. I have heard of many SEO benefits that YouTube brings to the table because it is owned by Google. Did any of your blog posts get a significant boost in search engine rankings as a result of your YouTube videos?

    Also, does it take a lot of YouTube views to help boost your website views? Or can you get significant amount of traffic to your website with just 100-1000 total views? 

  42. Great article Justin!

    Being new to affiliate marketing, I have started with pinterest and will continue learning the others to get my articles out there.

    Your 4 common mistakes will help me as I continue on my journey, taking advantage of social media and creating great content. 

    Distractions are a constant struggle for me. I just make sure I get my most important chores done before venturing out to see what others are doing.

    Thanks for this article,


  43. I think that number four is the most common of all the mistakes that people can make, because it is so easy to do.  Sometimes it is just more fun to do anything but work.  I also like to play video games, and can get easily distracted.  It is easy to lose hours playing without even realizing it.It is going to be difficult for me cause I just got a new gaming system and I have to work first, not just play.  

  44. I seem to be the one this post was written for because I’m about to start my online business and I am guilty of 3 of the mistakes. I think I’ll have to start building my Twitter base and YouTube as well. Always thought about it but didn’t know it’s quite serious. Thanks for this enlightenment. 

  45. If i was to be sincere i have made alot of mistake ever since i started affiliate marketing one of the major problem i had was sites promising to pay you so much for little or no work at all, they made me almost loose interest in pursuing my online marketing dreams , thanks for helping me know myself better with this article

  46. These are mistakes that I admit to. I never used to get too much involved with social media but now I see how my traffic is improving.Social media is indeed helping so I will keep on sharing.

    I too also thought I would get faster results than I am getting. It’s hard because you work hard and want to see results.And I am guilty of the distractions for sure. Something is always grabbing my attention but I am trying better not to let that happen.

    The only thing I haven’t mastered yet is Youtube and although I do have Youtube videos on my site, I haven’t made any of my own yet.Any suggestions as to how to avoid the distractions?

  47. I’m definitely guilty of the distraction mistake! There’s so many things pulling me in different directions, it’s hard to sit down and keep my content updated. With the new year, I’m going to actively schedule in time to work on my website. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great program to help you along and keep you motivated. 

    I’m not too bad with social media, but I need to be more active on it. I’m also hoping to get some videos up on YouTube too – thanks for the reminder that I need to put that on my list of things to do!

  48. As an upcoming blogger i am super happy that i came across this post. Many times a beginner might feel discouraged that his or her website isn’t growing at a fast rate but seeing this article reminded me of everything that i need to do to get my online business blooming and that it does take time.  I am happy that you took the time to share the things that we should do to create a successful brand. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Yeah it does take time, and i still have a lot of work to do and a lot more articles to put out.  I even want to create a second website!

  49. Thanks for sharing this article it will go a long way in helping newbies like myself in navigating the blogging world with less hassle. I have always thought that having a youtube channel is a different kind of blogging on its own and requires an entirely different skill and approach from the regular blogging for a Successful outcome.combining both might be a tedious job.

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