Ways to make money with a blog 2018- Create passive income

This is an updated article I decided to publish, gotta keep the new content coming. In this article I will be going over ways to make money with a blog so you can make passive income! There are many ways you can make money with just a website so Let’s get right into it!

Affiliate links

Using affiliate links is one of the best ways to go with having a website, you can write blog posts and add affiliate links if you review products in your niche. Lets say your niche is in weight loss and you are reviewing a good weight loss product to get people interested, then you could post an affiliate link that will take your visitors to Amazon or where ever you refer them to so they can buy the product. You will then get a commission when they buy the product, depends which company you go with on how much your commission is.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online and with a website, if you want the best training and tools then I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to get you going with your first site! As your website grows and you start gaining more traffic you will start to see your affiliate sales go up, but you will need to make sure you use good keywords so you can rank high in google. You will also get a keyword tool when you join Wealthy Affiliate.

Check out the link below if you want a step by step book on affiliate marketing for beginners. This book can be of use to you and I will be posting my number 1 recommended option to get you started with affiliate marketing training so you can build your own online business, you will be able to read all about the program with my link then you will be able to join from their or at the bottom of this article if you think this is what you want to do for your future.

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Google adsense

Google Adsense goes hand in hand with affiliate marketing and having a website, you can also just have your own personal blog and put ads on it from google and get paid! You will have to get your site approved with google but its easy as long as you follow the terms of service.

You won’t get rich from having ads, well at least not for a while. The more visitors you get the more adsense money you will get. When visitors click on an ad they see on your site you will earn a small amount but it builds up quick if you get a lot of visitors!

I mean look at all the successful Youtubers, they get millions of views and they make thousands or even millions of dollars from the ads placed on their videos. You can be making the same kind of money if you just work on getting your traffic up and focus on your content. You must hit 100 dollars before you can withdraw money from your adsense account, that is their threshold. This is just one of many ways to monetize your website.

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write and sell ebooks

Learning how to write and publish ebooks is a great way to also make extra money within your website and blog. You will be able to write ebooks helping people out with a problem or teaching them about your niche and you will be able to sell them on Amazon or Gumroad and then post them to your website so your visitors can buy them.

I have written two ebooks myself and I have them both for sale on my site if anyone wants to buy them if they stumble across them. Ebook royalties can add up quick if you are making a lot of sales, this is just another way to monetize your blogging website. If you are not sure how to structure your ebook then I recommend using Reedsy to write your ebook, this site is easy to use and once you are finished and publish your ebook it will be in the right format to upload to Amazon to sell.

I will have the link below that will take you to Reedsy if you are interested in writing ebooks.

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There are many other ways you can make money online blogging, Wealthy Affiliate would be the perfect place for you! You will get website hosting and domain hosting included along with a keyword research tool so you don’t have to go and pay extra for all of that.

We have a huge community of people that helps each other succeed and you can even request comments from members so that helps the engagement on your website so you will be able to rank higher in google, no other online program has that feature. By joining now you will get a couple of bonuses, first you will get an amazing discount of 19 dollars for your first month after you joined for FREE and second you will get me as a mentor that will help you as much as you need it.

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Feel free to leave any comments or questions I will get back to you as soon as I can. Also please share on all social media so we can spread the word. I am also up to do some guest blogging if any of you bloggers are interested, just get a hold of me on Wealthy Affiliate or email me at smiddy@mindblownaffiliate.com.






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16 thoughts on “Ways to make money with a blog 2018- Create passive income”

  1. Ok, I haven’t heard of Reedsy, I’ll definitely be checking them out! How do you get ideas for an ebook? You said you wrote two. How did you think of them?

    These are such great ideas about ways to make passive income. I need to look into Google Adsense. Do you think they’re easy to use? Is it worth it to sign up with them?

    I am involved in the world of affiliate marketing, and I absolutely love it. I love the flexibility and the definitely the passive income. But it looks like I have more work to do and more things to research!

    1. yeah if you get a lot of traffic having ads on your site can make you more money. It is hard to come up with ideas for ebooks but you just gotta think what you are good at and if you can help others with it. You can also put affiliate links within ebooks even though i have not done this yet.

  2. What a great article. I had no idea you could make money with e books. I will have to read yours so I can be better informed.
    I was also impressed by the information you provided on the links. You really gave some good information for the new affiliate marketer
    I learned a lot from your blog.

  3. I disagree with using adsense. I don’t want a bunch of ads on my website.

    I will stick to funneling my readers to quality affiliate offers that really fit my niche.

    I think using adsense is a mistake, especially for new websites.

    I like your tip about using Reedsy to write an ebook, that’s a gem.

    1. Having ads is not bad, you can pick where to put them  Almost every site out there has ads on them, its just another way to make money.

  4. Justin,
    Interesting article doing affiliate marketing is right up my alley. I am not too familiar with the adsense for Google have not heard to much about this quite yet to know if it would be profitable for a new person starting out. Doing an E-Book that sounds like a great idea might have to look into this; are you planning on using them as give aways or charging a fee for them?

    1. I am planning to write an ebook so i can give it away for free on my site but i also sell my other ebooks as well.  So it can be profitable both ways.

  5. These are great ways to monetize a website. I myself have affiliate links within my website and I heard that Google Adsense is giving people a hard time lately and disapproving a lot of people. So I am waiting to get more content on my website before I apply. I also didn’t think of an ebook. That’s a great idea.

    I also have a guide that I created and some courses where I ask for people’s email addresses before I hand over. So these people get added to my list and I can monetize my list by sending them offers.

    So that my be another way to monetize that you could add… 🙂

    1. yeah I still gotta make some courses soon. I know there are still a few things to do to monetize my traffic. I have not started building an email list yet. 

  6. Hey Justin,
    Ridsy sounds really interesting, I’m into ebooks and I write a lot too, would love to give it a try! A bit blurry on how it works though, do I join a writer, or is it a ghostwriting service?

    I usually provide my writing services on Freelancer, it would be a unique experience to try out other avenues too!

    1. you can write your own ebooks or you can pay someone to write it for you, or pay someone to proof read or anything to get your ebook ready. 

  7. My recommendation to make money from your blogs is also selling your own digital products or courses or even better…write for other companies for money. This was an interesting blog post and it gives you an aidea on how to start making money on your blog. Thanks a for sharing. 

    1. Yeah once you are estashblished then maybe companies will reach out for you to write articles for them which would be nice.  Also digital products is a good idea, i really need to get me some digital products out.  I have wrote 2 ebooks, they are short but they are on my site for sale.  There is so much that can be done to make money.

  8. Hi thanks for the great review of the many ways to monetise a blog. I think that the key learning for any aspiring entrepreneur is that it takes time and consistent effort in order to truly get stable reoccurring revenue online. I hope other site visitors will be inspired by your article and take on board your tips and advice. Thanks Kenny 

    1. Yeah there are times when i slack and dont publish many articles but i always try to come back strong and keep my site up to date and keep it going!

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