Wealthy Affiliate review 2018 (#1 recommendation)

Welcome back to my site where I give you all a lot of valuable information on starting your own online business! This is going to be my updated version of my Wealthy Affiliate review, I do have things I want to add and I still stand by this platform and how great it is for getting the best training and an amazing website hosting platform.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Training: 4.8 out of 5.0

Support: 5.0 out of 5.0

Website Builder: 4.9 out of 5.0

WordPress hosting: 4.8 out of 5.0

Research tools: 4.6 out of 5.0

Success Stories: 4.5 out of 5.0

Price: Starter member (Free) Premium Membership ( $49/mth or $349/year)


What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate is a platform online that gives you step by step training on Affiliate Marketing and how to set up your website for the first time. WA also acts as a type of social media because unlike other so called training platforms WA has live chat where you can chat with other members and ask questions if you need help or even ask for advice.

This is a community platform so if you are stuck in your training feel free to ask for help, you can even send Kyle (founder) a message. There are 2 different training courses, the main one which is the certification course that teaches you how to build your website, how to manage it, all about affiliate marketing and even how to use google adsence to display ads on your site.

The second course is called boot camp, this course is only if you want to use the money making niche and promote Wealthy Affiliate to get referrals to make money. You also can review other programs and expose scams that are out their. Both courses are jammed packed with training to make you an affiliate marketing expert.

It gets even better because WA also has a lot of tools to help you grow your website and to succeed. You will learn all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and even get to use a key word search tool to find all of your keywords you can use in your posts.

Learn how to build a website with word press in less than 30 seconds and have it up and running. There are many free themes and plugins you can use for your site and endless training available. There are normally a live class each week you can attend online that normally covers different topics with the online marketing world.

You can also use free domains with a siterubix.com or you can buy your own domain for around 14 dollars a year which is really cheap. The amount that is offered seems endless and their is a lot of help to get you indexed and ranked on google.

Getting engagement

The most important thing you also learn is about engagement on your site, by receiving comments on all of your articles it shows google that your content is helpful. We all know how hard it could be at first to get comments on your website until you start getting traffic. There is a site comments and site feedback tab where you first have to leave comments or feedback on two other sites than you can request comments or feedback on your site. Help others than get help yourself, this community is all about helping each other to succeed.

You will learn all about how important comments are on your site and that getting many of them can help you get ranked in Google and other search engines. I do not know of any other training platform that offers something like this, they always make it harder to gain traffic and doesn’t offer you the best help.

Build up all of them comments on your site and always reply to them!

What is the cost

This is what everyone wants to know about any program, because so many other sites that offers training always has up sells that gets you. Now you can for sure join for FREE and go through the first course of training and even make up to 2 websites for FREE with a FREE domain name.

You can stay a FREE member if you want but the only reason you get to test drive it for FREE is so you can see everything for yourself and that it’s not a scam and even jump into chat to talk to the other members. Then their is a premium version which is the only thing you have to pay for, their will be no up sells and no one will ask you to spend more money after you are paying premium.

Premium is 49 dollars a month or 349 for the year which is a great deal by itself. With all the training and tools you get it make it 100% worth it. If you join now with the link below or click on one of the banners you will get a special offer inside and I will message you personally. Once you join you will see that almost every member is already premium the only ones that are the FREE members are the newer members.

I have never found a platform with this level of training and with a big community that will help you and follow you on your journey. Growing an online business is a long term commitment and I will say this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and not one of them pyramid schemes to make money fast.


My Story With Wealthy Affiliate!

I worked a full time job for over 6 years and i was miserable during it all, i wanted something more and to do more.  I have always been on computer and been good with them then i made that decision to quit my full time job so i can work on me and work on being successful for myself.  I am 27 years old so i had to get out while i still could and find a real way to make money online, but i didn’t just want to make money i wanted to have an online business that will pay me for years to come.

I would drive Uber on the side so i can make enough money to pay my bills and then work on growing my websites at night and i kept at it and now i am watching them grow and im getting better at what i do.  I know its a dream for everyone to work for themselves and that is my dream.  I suffer from anxiety and depression and sometimes that gets in the way but i keep going and make sure i stay motivated!

I got lucky enough and discovered Wealthy Affiliate over 6 months ago, i have been with them ever since.  I was searching online on how to make money online and i was going to spend 100 dollars on another program until i learned about how many up sells they had and i read a lot of negative reviews.  One review recommended people to Wealthy Affiliate so i checked it out.

I joined for free which was amazing so i could try everything out to see how i liked it and i fell in love because i knew this program would help me have a better future.  I only stayed a free member for 2 days then i took action and went to premium so i could take advantage of all the training and tools so i can succeed.  There were no other up sells or anything which i loved so i started going through the step by step video training.

It seems like it has been forever since i joined WA and now i have 2 websites and am generating income.  I have made affiliate sales, google adsence money, and referrals to WA.  I learned about all the different ways you can make money with a website.  I have learned so much and started having pretty good successes and i know i will grow even more and grow my brand to something big.

There are many successful people at WA you can talk to with the live chat and so many members are doing this full time and is bringing in great money.  I went from a beginner to running both of my sites and even started writing Ebooks and working on new projects!  You will learn so much just like i have been, there are so many opportunities at Wealthy Affiliate i hope to talk to you guys there!

Have a successful future

A problem that a lot of people have is that they want to make money now and they don’t think about the future. The training provided here shows you what you can accomplish down the road and how successful your business can become. There are many success stories within WA and their are many members already making a full time income and they will tell you that it takes hard work and dedication and to never give up.

If you get stuck feel free to ask for help, you will learn to get organic traffic and how to use all of your social medias to get your content out their. All you will be paying for is your membership and maybe 14 dollars for your own domain so you look more professional. You will learn FREE ways to gain traffic and without using paid ads.

You will also learn about all the different ways you can make money with a website and having google ads on your site can build up some revenue by just getting clicks on the ads. Just remember if you put in the time and work you will succeed, you can’t be lazy or not take it serious if you want to become successful and leave your 9-5 jobs. So don’t have a bad mindset if you may have been scammed in the past because this is one program that will teach you right and help you to succeed.

Join now for a bonus offer

I went over almost everything that WA has to offer and their is still tools that I may have left out, the training and help is endless and you won’t want to leave when you join. I upgraded to premium just have 2 days of me joining because I saw everything that WA had to offer and I wanted to gain access to all the training.

Make that big step for yourself and join to get started today, it’s never too late to make good changes in your life. You don’t need experience in affiliate marketing to join, many members came when they knew nothing about Affiliate Marketing and now their sites are growing.

I will be offering you a FREE Ebook i wrote about affiliate marketing and some of the stuff i have learned being apart of Wealthy Affiliate.  I will also be offering my time to mentor you and guide you in any way you need so you can get started and start seeing progress.  So join by clicking the link below to get started and join the best affiliate marketing community on the internet!

I stay 100% honest in each one of my articles and give you my actual recommendation that I know works. You can join now to get your special bonus by clicking the link below or one of the banners you see. You will have your first website up in 5 minutes after joining and I will also send all of you a follow for joining as well so we can keep in touch. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in the community ready to succeed!

JOIN NOW to get your special bonus!

Get 30 free searches with JAAXY the key word tool by clicking here!

Pick up an affiliate marketing for beginners book by clicking here!





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39 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate review 2018 (#1 recommendation)”

  1. Hi
    A mind-blowing review like your “Mind Blown” site.
    Your view that Wealthy Affiliate is like a social media is true. I never realized this fact until I read your post. We post, make friends, get help, get followers, follow others etc.,etc., Really it is a super social media.Your review of wealthy affiliate is so simple to understand and read.

    1. yes I just wish more people would join WA.  I do like the social media aspect here , it proves that the training works because so many members are still here.

  2. Hey there,

    Great post right there, I could not agree with you more wealthy affiliate is a haven especially for beginners who have no knowledge in affiliate marketing, when i joined i had no knowledge in affiliate marketing but the support of the community in wealthy affiliate got me doing just fine.
    I would highly recommend this one.

    1. Yes for sure! Im on the computer every night for hours just grinding and trying to think of articles to write and also how to gain more traffic, thats the hard part!

  3. I cannot believe that you get all of that information from Wealthy Affiliate and the perks from them for that kind of money. I mean that is just unheard of. Do any other affiliate marketing companies out there provide what Wealthy Affiliate provides? It seems to me that as long as you put forth the effort from the training, it will be well worth the money spent.

    1. yeah wealthy affiliate is amazing, and all other programs has many up sells and are never honest with you, im staying right here at WA!

  4. JSmiddy, Very informative post on Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for clarifying social media, it is very similar. Interesting insight. You cover every aspect of online marketing and i found it very easy to read. Also like the images, you covered all the questions someone might have about Wealthy Affiliate. Easy to read.Thanks, Deanna

    1. yeah wealthy affiliate is the best and it seems like you keep learning everyday.  I continue to just work on my websites. 

  5. I loved they layout of the site; clear and crisp. I agree wholeheartedly with the community aspect you mentioned and your assessment of the WA platform. I checked out your main site as well. My only suggestion as a site viewer would be to reduce the font size on your About Me page; it was hard to read a bit. Nice work!

  6. I’ve been using Wealthy Affiliate for several years now. A lot of other programs that I’ve tried out didn’t have the kind of support and community base that wealthy affiliate has.

    Since I’ve been developing sites for over 10 years. I’m a full-time affiliate marketer. I really need the company I can trust and wealthy affiliate has always been there for me.

    Kyle and Carson have helped so many times. It’s really the best resource for learning Internet marketing. There are a lot of scams and online programs that will just fail to deliver.

    While Internet marketing might be slow at times. You can always learn and hone your skills. Even though I’ve had 10 years of experience I learned something new almost every day at Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. that’s awesome! I have been doing this for about 3 months now.  I can’t wait to finally succeed, that is all I want.  Wealthy affiliate is the best program that I have found.

  7. Hey. I have a blog for a few days and I do not know how to handle everything. I was looking for a lot of information about how to create good content and how to make money online. And finally I came across your site and the Wealthy Affiliate you recommend is something I need. If I knew before that there is such a great platform with so much knowledge. Great blog and I read other articles to learn something interesting.

  8. Wealthy affiliate is definitely the best place to start your affiliate marketing business. What i like the most is the amazing training program for newbies like me, i really learned a lot about google, how search system works and about websites in general, so if you are new to this kind of business you can learn pretty much everything here. Thanks for the article, very informative.

    1. yeah wealthy affiliate is amazing but you got to stay with it and keep growing your brand.  It may take a while to succeed but it will happen.

  9. Hi Justin,
    This sound’s like a great program to belong too, have had some bad experiences with others, and the price sound’s really fair considering everything you get, Most of the other places don’t have the truthfulness to say how thing’s really work, Thank you so much. I enjoyed reading you review.

    1. Thank you, yeah wealthy affiliate is amazing. I mean you have to pay for a host anyways when you build a site so when you join WA you get training, tools and all your sites hosted for a low monthly prices when you upgrade to premium. There are so many members and so many are doing this as there full time job now, its 100% worth it! To join now you can click here if you are not a member yet! https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=79d1f382

  10. Great review about wealthy affiliate. Being a member myself, I can truthfully say this is one if not the best place to create an online business.

    They provide all the tools you’ll need, the cost to join is free and the premium membership is very cheap, and you also have access to thousands of successful affiliate marketers to help you along the way.

    I think you did a great job in explaining what wa is about, Thanks again for this god review.

    1. yes now I’m really trying to get people to understand that this takes time and effort if anyone wants to succeed and it does not happen over night. But wealthy affiliate is the program to join to start a real online business.

  11. With so many scams on the internet, and everyone running around the web trying to become millionaires overnight it is refreshing to see an honest review.

    I like that you point out that it is FREE to start but that there is a cost if you want to go on with more training. I have looked at a lot of platforms, and I understand there will be costs but it is nice to know upfront.

    Is all the training you need included after you upgrade?

    1. yes everything will be included, and what makes wealthy affiliate amazing is that there are no up sells at all.  There will just be the premium price and you will gain access to everything.

  12. The traditional way of making money is passing by and many people are waving it goodbye. We are entering a new age. The traditional job is not as good as it used to be before because it cannot keep up with inflation. Companies are taking advantage of that because they only think about their own profits to new heights, while only paying their employees enough to “survive”.

    Well, I didn’t want to only “survive” anymore. I wanted to make a real change. And like you, I began my search online. I’m only 24 and found Wealthy Affiliate 10 months ago, going on 11. I have to say that the reason that I have stayed with WA for s long, is the feel that a community is there to help you each time you stumble and fall. They’re there to help you up!

    Not to mention the great opportunity to live a laptop-lifestyle and travel the world; that’s a dream that I will not be able to accomplish only living paycheck-to-paycheck. I also have debt to pay, that has remained stagnant for the last 10 months as well, because I have been stagnant as well, because I’m not making enough from my day-job to cover my day-to-day expenses and pay my debt.

    All this is finally changing because I have started earning from my website. This has really helped open my eyes and my mind to the possibilities and potential of this online business.

    Because of this positive experience, I would urge anybody wanting to start an online business to really consider Wealthy Affiliate. Joining this platform has been the best decision of my life.

    1. Wow that is amazing, yeah having an online business is the way to go because you can make endless amounts of money and i can not wait until i can reach my goals!

  13. Great overview of WA.  What I particularly like about the Wealthy Affiliate program is that there is no pressure.  You can join for free to test the waters and once you go Premium/upgrade there are no more upgrades.  Everything you need to be successful is available to you. There are so many ways to get assistance if you need it.  There is never a reason to feel stuck.

    1. Yeah i agree and i dont like it when people has to make up excuses and calls it a scam because you have to pay.  Everything is not free and you have to pay for all the tools but its a great price.

  14. Hi Justin, I can fully confirm, as a long-standing member and ambassador of Wealthy Affiliate, that it is a unique business platform, where you can learn all the ins and outs about internet/affiliate marketing and website design. At your own pace. And how to create a solid foundation for your website. And the Jaaxy research tool, ($49 a/mth) is included in the Wealthy Affiliate premium account, for free! 2 awesome platforms for the price of 1 🙂


    1. Yeah it is a great deal here at Wealthy Affiliate, you get so many tools and endless amounts of training.  Also you can even try it all for free which is amazing!

  15. I’m part of the Wealthy Affiliate community and I agree that it’s like a social media platform, the only difference is that for the most part everyone is really rooting for each other and supporting one another through comments and feedback. And the best part is that if you ever have a question, you can just ask and someone will answer it. I’ve been enjoying the community and like you, building my dream.

    1. Yes and its very easy to get distracted and not put all of your focus into your site but at least you can work at your own speed.  It is always nice to be able to get your questions answered and share your success with everyone else.

  16. There are lots of training programs that will teach you how to create a succesful affiliate site and they cost a lot of money. However, most of these programs only teach you, but don’t provide the tools to get you going, like webhosting, website space, a keyword tool, …

    That’s why I love Wealthy Affiliate and I’m a proud member since 2015.

    Great article!

    1. Yeah i love that everything is included especially website hosting.  It is really affordable too considering everything you get for that small monthly payment.

  17. Like you I also found Wealthy Affiliate while reading about another program online that sounded like a scam. I was skeptical about Wealthy Affiliate at first since I had so many bad experiences online. I am so, so glad I tried it though! I have been a very happy member for over 2 years and I can honestly say I don’t ever plan to leave. I love the community, I love all the options it gives us for different methods to use and angles to take in starting an online business. 

    I like that you said you make sure you are completely honest in your reviews. I do the same with my sites. I only recommend products I believe in and if I say I use something myself I actually use it myself! I feel really good knowing I am totally honest in my online business. I would not be able to get into a business that was shady or felt like a scam. Wealthy Affiliate teaches us how to build an honest business. 

    1. Yeah and there are no false promises within Wealthy Affiliate.  If you do the work and stay dedicated you can succeed!

  18. Hi there,I rarely post comments on the internet, but I couldn’t go without thanking you for this honest and detailed review.One day I was searching on “how to make money online” and stumbled upon a top 10 post in which Wealthy Affiliate was #1.. Nowadays I’m a bit skeptical (I had my bad experiences) and decided to make my research before doing anything else. Today I had some free time and decided to do my research which led me to your article.. after reading it I can definitely say that I will give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

    Thank you,Nick.

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing program and there are so many positive reviews about it.  I dont think any other online program cn compete with Wealthy Affiliate.

  19. Great post and I totally agree.

    I’m a member quite a while now and it is the best platform you can have.

    The owners are awesome, the community fantastic, the trainings are the top, you become a very good marketeer by this.

    And on top, the price isn’t too high!

    If you don’t join, you will miss a lot of money!

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Yeah my site keeps improving and i have learned a lot.  There is still so much to learn and i want to start new projects.  People are really missing out if they dont join.

  20. Well written review showing all the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate and all the perks and the big community that helps one another succeed. It is great that you can start for free and learn so much before deciding if you want to continue. You have described it well. Well written review and information to help people to work and earn from home.   

    1. yeah and i try to make it clear that it takes hard work and dedication to succeed and that this is not a get rich quick scheme.

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